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    Car Bombs Shatter Government Building Windows in Oslo

    his twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AndersBBreivik and facebook pages: Anders Behring Breivik | Facebook both look to be created in the last week and seem highly suspicious... i mean, look at those photos!? is this a man or a board game character? very strange... i will definitely be...
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    Don't Forget To Vote! & the aftermath

    i voted SO FUCKING HARD! ...cast the living SHIT out of that ballot, bra. I got democratically crunk ALL UP IN THAT BITCH!!!
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    Alex Jones

    He's a bit batty, and definitely an alarmist but his site is often the first place to break important information that nobody else will cover. I don't agree with many of his views, but for coverage of things like the G20 Bohemian Grove and the Bilderburg group his site is one of the top...
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    Hobo with a Shotgun is the Greatest Canadian Film Ever Made.

    I was at the premiere at Sundance. It is TRULY awesome. Did they keep 'The Legend of Beaver Dam' as the opening short? ...that short ACTUALLY one-upped hobo at sundance imho, and is ALSO Canadian :D *canadian gang signs ensue
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    Make it funky 5 Year with DJ Qbert, KC Roberts, MarcusV, Big League Chu, MickeyD & mo

    actually a pretty damn good review to be honest. i was just checking in to see how things have been going back home, and it definitely fit my requirements. detailed but calculatedly brief, full of links, clear representation of everyone on the lineup and what happened that night... pretty...
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    South African Hip-Hop, Zef style.

    i'll be there with crew. south african hiphop is amazing. african dope records have a lot of good jams. if you like die antwoord you should check out the VASTLY SUPERIOR precursors FuckNRad (dj fuck aka sibot + ninja aka mc totally rad) and max normal tv (also featuring ninja in a much...
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    G20 madness

    i got a 403 (forbidden) :( did it work for anyone else?
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    G20 madness

    you should get mad and tell all your friends not to come to my shows ;)
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    landmark is actually a descendant of the est movement... Erhard Seminars Training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .....sooooper fukt! another cult a lot of people don't recognize is alcoholocs anonymous and narcotics anonymous. they're both basically the oxford christian thing repackaged...
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    G20 madness

    keep sucklin that police state peen homey. i hear they'll promise not to cum in your hair if you can suppress your gag reflex long enough.
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    G20 madness

    WHERE are the cartoons! i MUST see them!
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    UFOs all over the world (as predicted?) 10-13-2010

    that would be the best kilgore trout story! a race of aliens who come to the earth to save us from ourselves... but they look like balloons so nobody notices their attempts at communication and we all die horribly, lol. lol