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    World Junior Championship

    Great game, but that streak being snapped is a bummer.
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    World Junior Championship

    Gotta say, I;ve never seen the Canaduans dominate the Russians like that at any level. 4-1 final including an empty net goal,, but the final scpre was in no way indicitive of how badly the Canadian's beat the Russians. The Canadians were the favorite going in, largely due to the 'Lockout Line'...
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    World Junior Championship

    USA tonight/day! Their program has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Always a contender now. One of their top players (Seth Jones) father used to play for the Raptors, where he was exposed to hockey! (Popeye Jones) Sunday night looks like the best game of the tourny though, Russia!
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    World Junior Championship

    Canada Hasn't won the tourney in 3 years. The world competition gets better every year, as evidenced by the increasing number on players drafted to the nhl outside of North America. It's always my fav tournament no matter what sport. Anyone else insane like I am, getting up (and having a few...
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    Meteor shower happens this weekend

    Hoping to go to the Forks of the Credit Sunday night.
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    Looking for cleaning and admin help

    What area?
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    Adidas Shackle Shoes reminiscent of slavery?

    ....And as you all know, they're not shackles, they're gangsta bracelets.
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    The Social becomes Dog & Bear on Queen street

    Ravinjunkie is definitely NOT a hipster! Altho she does have a pug :p
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    Adidas Shackle Shoes reminiscent of slavery?

    Ever hear of the movie The Colour Purple? Spielberg? Whoopi Goldberg? Danny Glover? Oprah Winfrey? Quincy Jones? I kinda thought it was iconic.
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    NHL 2011-2012 season

    I always end up with Brown and Kopitar in my pools cuz no one knows who they are. There goes that advantage.
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    Eaton Centre Shooting

    I stopped in the foodcourt to use the bathroom about 1/2 an hour before hell Broke loose! So glad I was outta there before it all went south. One. And a good friend who was bouncing (Howard Garry) was shot and killed there as well.
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    Blue Jays 2012

    I'm allowed to bring a guest to my company's luxury box for the June 14th game vs. the Phils. (including free food and booze) Can you believe I couldn't find anyone til the last second?
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    Nobody Cares...

    Agreed. Off til Sunday night. I feel a day drunk coming on.
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    Nanny on payroll

    I used to live on Dowling.
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    Tell me a joke

    A rooster and a cat were walking beside a lake, when suddenly the rooster pushed the cat into the water and started to laugh uncontrollably. Proving a wet pussy always makes a cock happy.