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    oldskool now Friday 10:00 PM

    BO ! Hardcore niceness dude! Monday and all. CAFF>
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    Song ID - Tony Touch

    Could possibly be Hi-Tech (not hi-tek).... I think it was called "All time Einstein". Hope that's it...lemme know. That song was awesome. CAFF>
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    Friendlyman @ the Juno's !

    I just saw that "Truth and Rights" , which is the group Friendlyman plays with, is up for a Juno this year. Big up the friendly one!! CAFF>
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    Strip Hop

    DJ Law (Project bounce) will be on the wheels. And it's the same people that are doing Thursdays @ Fez with Serious, Grouch and Law.
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    Respect to Dilla as always. Never disappointed us. One of the best, if not the best producers who could also rap. Rest in Peace. CAFF>
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    chemical brothers and Q-tip...

    never seen the video but the track definitely bumps...
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    favorite tracks of 2005

    Doom - Sofa King Quasimoto - Mr. 2-Faced Quasimoto - Shroom Music M.E.D. - Can't hold on --> big tune Living Legends - It's Us Again The Grouch + - Windows Kardi / Kanye - T Dot corners (freestyle) Roots manuva - Colosal insight (remix ?) Instrumentals: Pharrel - Got it like that...
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    Your Favourite D&B Tune Is....

    "This is Los Angeles" - Lemon D "When i see you smile" - sixteenarmedjack (od) Word! Caff>
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    2step UK Garage

    BO! Never tired of hearing those baselines. Word uP! CAFF>
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    Buckshot, Smiff N Wesson, Sean P.

    Oct 15 me thinks....can't remember
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    FACK! I really wanted to go...maybe next time...always a good time. CAFF>
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    MED & Large Professor

    Neek the Exotic is supposed to be there too. CAFF>
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    Tribe Jungle Room Party!

    i don't know if its too late...but i'm in if anyone needs assistance with music or promo. CAFF>
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    I need a cake!

    Alex D's correct.... Altitude backery is the best hands down. CAFF>