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    Halloween Theory Jam

    My friends and I were really disappointed that there was no Marky and XRS. Pendulum threw it down at the beginning. The party seemed to die down a lot after 2pm... i think a lot of people left when they heard Marky and XRS weren't coming.
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    Thriller - Oct 29

    i'm going! Should be good times!
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    Thriller tonite - DJ Lineup?!

    Going to see DJ Marky tonite... love watching this man play live!! But there's no DJ lineup or schedule in the upcoming events post... someone help me with this!!! BTW - Anyone else coming tonite?
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    Summer Chill - Sean Crawford "Sun drop to Sunset"

    You still suck!! :p j/k... hey Sean... i can't download this set and you know how much i love listening to you play the chillin stoner stuff... that's the only reason i invite u over!! Can you burn me a copy whenever you get a chance and next time i'm around i'll pick it up. You da...
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    Connected V7 in Calgary

    :( i miss all the connected parties from back in the day!!
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    Record Stores in the UK

    Hey, My cousin is visiting the UK this month and I asked him to check out a few record stores for some DnB tracks. Do you guys know any names of record stores that specialize in drum and bass. There are probably a tonne but I only know of blackmarket records. Can you guys help me out? I want...
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    dnb questions

    sorry... the party was a couple weeks ago so i can't quite remember all the tunes. I got there late and missed all of Ed Rush & Optical and almost all of Pendulum. But to help you out I know that one of the last tracks that Pendulum played was his very own one called 'Vault'... love it...
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    bludklat theory!

    Ya, i saw that... i don't know why the security took forever to break it up though... it seemed like the fight was going on for a very long time. Other than that, I had a very good time... I don't get to hit parties as often any more so it was good to get out again. Craze's performance was...
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    Is Jungle DNB losing it's urban edge?

    Jungle or i mean "drum and bass" has changed a lot since back in the day. But i think it has changed for the better... the productions are much more cleaner than before and producers are pushing the envelope more and more. Just because the scene is changing doesn't mean it's dying. So what is...
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    Rhazel Is The FIFTH ELEMENT

    ^ what he said!!
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    Rhazel Is The FIFTH ELEMENT

    Rahzel was off the hook!! He checks the mic for every show... and he has to change up the eq's of the mic for different routines he does. Last time I saw him was way back for a Kickit party (i think it was Kickit)... anyways... he threw down for much longer but then again it wasn't on a...
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    Drum and Bass Arena?!?!

    Is it just me or is everyone else getting a "The page cannot be displayed" when trying to get on Drum and Bass Arena?! :confused: http://www.breakbeat.co.uk If there site goes the way of groovetech I will be very very very sad!!! :(
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    what are you listening to NOW?

    DJ Hype's latest set on Drum and Bass Arena
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    Halloween: Deko-ze / System / Mayhem

    Hee Hee!!! I was the one dressed like Flava Flav!!! :D :D
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    Carl Cox @ Aria

    Was in Montreal for the weekend and we decided to check out Carl Cox at Aria on Saturday night!! This was my first time in Montreal and at Aria. I was not disappointed. Montreal Rocks!! For those that have never been to Aria, the place doesn't open until 1:30 or something. We got there at...