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    ** Happy Birthday psyrel! **

    Happy Birthday Tara! It's always nice to see you out and about! :)
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    Luke Fair @ Dragonfly (Niagara Falls)

    I am officially on vacation in approximately 45 minutes ... and this is how I shall spend the first night of it! WHOOHOO!
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    June 15 - SANDER KLEINENBERG @ This Is London

    I'll be there for my best friends birthday shindig .. shoud be fun!:D
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    Toronto Summer Festivals & Events!

    It's in Etobicoke. Rentforth and Rathburn
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    Buon Compleanno, OTIS!!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    >>> THIS SUNDAY <<< Oh. Ma. God. Tbq! CANADA DAY!!!!!

    haha .... those Lord of the Rings people were awesome! That was just about the trippiest ferry ride ever! :D
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    FST: 3 Celebs Sex Passes

    1. Johnny Depp (longest running celeb crush) 2. Adrian Grenier 3. Clooney
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    Happy Birthday alexd!

    Happy Birthday! :D
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    Happy Birthday Nawberry!!

    Happy birthday Paul! :)
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    Happy Birthday Matt Coleridge!

    Happy belated!
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    Happy Birthday Kalemic!

    Happy Birthday Sean!
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    ~Industry Summer Magic May Long Weekend~

    Looks like I'ma going to this one ... HOORAY! I haven't really been out in a while! :D
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    Freaking Friday Countdown

    45 damn minutes ... and I'm pretty sure it'll feel more like 4 hours :(
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    Haapy birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Go Owllison (sugar/Allison) it's your birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Allison! :)