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    "Fuck you, Science!" says Canadian Minister of Science

    You really know jack shit about human behaviour. Nor reading comprehension either, since I covered this already.. there is what he should have done due to his position, and what most people would have done. Had he been smart and charismatic, he would have not only sensed the trap (which he...
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    "Fuck you, Science!" says Canadian Minister of Science

    Wow, someone is a nervous nelly aren't they? He wouldn't just be a normal everyday person who doesn't like his personal life invaded by a question he felt was off topic? Sure, it'd be great if everyone had the right answer @ the right time, but it's more likely a succesful man of 51 didn't...
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    "Fuck you, Science!" says Canadian Minister of Science

    Holy fucking jump to conclusions Batman. The article is terrible, and aside from an alarmist headline, and a quote about his personal life, there is nothing to it. Yet watch the mob dance with torches. Many of you claim to be openminded, intelligent people but react like fearfull...
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    Battlestar Galactica

    Whole bunch of meh.
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    Leafs 08/09 thread

    I'm not knocking other avail UFA, I just think Cammy can be had for a $5-$6mil or under cap hit while Hossa and J-Bo might get considerably more. I'd rather add a young player @ a reasonable deal longterm, and as talented as those 2 are, they should get large deals. Don't want to abandon the...
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    Leafs 08/09 thread

    The only UFA I want @ the end of the year is Cammalleri. He's still young, and would be a nice long term piece as he should be a consistent 70-80pt LW from now to his mid 30's.
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    It's a league wide promo, fucking retarded. From a huge Lakers fan on another board..
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    Three people shot inside Guvernment

    Often friends of promoters, bouncers, and owners get through security unchecked, or in a side door. Let's not forget those bringing or supporting the drug connection in the place as well. I'll never forget the first Alexander Keiths bday party @ the docks. There were quite a few people...
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    The eternal MMA thread

    He was hit by a drunk driver. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news;_ylt=Avvj8miCe4IXQcA7p_TKh7w9Eo14?slug=ys-mmaweek031309&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
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    Comfort Zone is fighting back.

    lol @ google ad
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    His claws look like shit. The movie is going to be horrible.
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    What was #1 on the day you were born.

    UK - Name Of The Game - Abba US - You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone AUS - I Just Want To Be Everything – Andy Gibb
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    Leafs 08/09 thread

    I commish an all tribe H2H Hockey, H2H Basketball, and the H2H baseball. The baseball I went 1st, 2nd, 5th in btw, kicking YOUR ass on my way to the championship in yr 1. ;) As for Colborne, everyone compares him to Big Joe Thorton and although I'd like an NHL ready talent, the weak part...
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    Leafs 08/09 thread

    If you've never heard of Joe Colborne, then you don't pay much attention to the entry draft or prospects.
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    Nhl 2008-09

    Jeez, the dumb broad on TSN just said that next yr, the most important hockey event will take place in Vancouver. Since when do the olympics overtake the Stanley Cup playoffs?