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    HEY! torontojungle posters!!!

    some good material in there
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    check out aaa.v for a short-term pick (the internet distracts me and i can't think long-term)
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    Monopoly: City Streets (Googleopoly?)

    it's hasbro not google like someone mentioned. and yeah the cartoon is me.. i spent all sunday opening accounts and trasferring dollers until i had ten account with an excel spreadsheet keeping track of my holdings. my eyes went cross-eyed and all i could do was think of game strategy...
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    Rub a dub scrub

    wax floor? mop floor? in a rental? :rolleyes:
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    Monopoly: City Streets (Googleopoly?)

    username: CognitiveD I'm taking over Mississagua and then the world
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    Plump dj's

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    Skream + Benga

    whats your point? :rolleyes:
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    Portable DJ Booth v1.5

    sick set-up!! it is portable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    Where do you think Oil is going? I'm thinking we will see a sell off today at 3pm and a retracement back down to $48 by monday... followed by a red week with even lower oil prices. Why has oil been going up while inventories rise? it seems to be tracking the tsx?
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    any opinions about the gym at Ryerson U?

    sweet... thanks for the info. i think i'll be joining as an alumni today. anyone have any recent experiences with the pool? i think that's all i'll be going there for... ps- anyone know where to get any good goggles?
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    The Prodigy @ Koolhaus

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    Andy C at Circa

    Big fucking rave. :-)
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    GM toast

    Actually GM has had a pretty good day on the market today... and will begin drilling on Monday March 9th... holler! http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GM.V :D
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    black history dudes begging for cash with their photocopies....

    :rolleyes: yeah i'm just making photocopies of my history. putting on my designer suit and then i'm going to sell the packages outside the eaton centre for a 'donation' to pay for my rent and slick shoes. ballin.
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    black history dudes begging for cash with their photocopies....

    DPC it looks like you've been indoctrinated into some fucked up cult or something. no wonder you weren't allowed onto the plane going to SF. enjoy your trip.