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    LF: Immediate Postering / Flyering Help Needed

    Hello, I'm looking for a small poster / flyer distribution company, or an individual who provide immediate, efficient and prolific services to the 18th Annual Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival. I am looking for someone with experience---$$$ negotiable. Must be able to get...
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    FS: Desktop for Video Editing

    Toast, photoshop, illustrator, indesign and golive.... great for web / graphic designers.... Negotiable!
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    FS: Desktop for Video Editing

    Hello, I am currrently working for a video artist doing artist assistance and production management. He's looking to upgrade his current system(s)----I have my eye on his laptop, which I can't purchase until his desktop is sold. If you're interested in a desktop ladened with software, let's...
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    To do or not to do…Lesbians

    what i was getting at is the fact that she's bi-curious in response to the 'is this 'morally' wrong?' dilemma. i believe you can easily be '100%' lesbian, just as you can be '100%' straight; there are hetero individuals who have never desired, nor will they ever 'try' engaging with the same...
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    To do or not to do…Lesbians

    if she's interested in sleeping with men, and she's attracted to you, she ain't no full-fledged lesbian. she's definitely bi-curious, meaning she may or may not regret it. if she does, there is the possibility of her being completely weirded out by you (therefore negatively affecting your...
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    Help! Getting to Guelph?

    howdy, howdy... my partner's sister is having a baby right now, and she needs to get to guelph ASAP. the only thing is, it looks like both the Greyhound & the GO buses stop running from Toronto to Guelph at 11:30 pm. does anyone else know of ANY way to get there at this time...? that...
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    Hey Claire Evil!

    hahaha... oh, good lord. honestly, i just wanted a thread with my name on it, and this was the only way i could think to do it. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
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    Hey Claire Evil!

    hey now!!! listen, just because i can't keep up with the SHEER VOLUME of love mail that i receive from the two of you, doesn't mean that i'm the dirtiest on tribe!!! (or does it...?) heh. um, it's clean again now. <-----jane, i changed my location just for you!
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    I just came out to my coworker...

    let's do it!! my mom could be the guest of honour. "you see... it's kind of like a career change. you're in school, learning the skills for a specific career... but, when you get there, it isn't all it's cracked up to be. so, you get this new job on weekends... and well, this new job is...
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    I just came out to my coworker...

    congrats, you stinker! i'm proud of ya. i came out to a cab driver today. *snort* cabbie: "...is that your girlfriend?" Me: "uh, yeah."
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    Jobless (a depressed rant)

    there aren't any positions available.... :(
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    RIP Wilde Oscars

    i also thought the onion rings were pretty good... and those giant pitchers are absolutely hilarious. it was cold though, and i really missed the heat lamps. as for the service, i wasn't really paying that much attention. i was too busy ogling miss janiecakes!
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    time apart.

    my baby's coming back on monday! yippee! she wasn't supposed to be back so soon. she's leaving for 3 months in september... i'm hoping to travel around the same time.... or at least, i hope to keep myself really busy. (monday still seems far away...)
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    Crossing the Border

    allo-ah... so, here's the deal: my family is in North Carolina right now, celebrating my brother's 30th birthday and my stepmom's 50th birthday. i wasn't able to go because i'm stuck at this temporary job doing data entry... but! it turns out, we JUST finished everything-- today. so...
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    Hey Claire Evil!

    whoopsie!!! heh heh. it's all cleany clean now kids. you can send me the dirt! ;)