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    Nobody cares.

    She appreciates that, thank you.
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    Nobody cares.

    My favorite plant - Ruby the Rubber Tree - is dying :( Here she is in her glory days: I'll miss you my love.
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    Raptors 04 / 05 Thread

    When has Jalen ever talked smack or said something negative about the team?
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    Words that have been abused...

    "In terms of..." or "In regards to..."
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    I love the file name.
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    Is LCBO closed already?

    every one of 'em closed at 6 today.
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    Things to do in MTL during the day

    I'm telling you, go find the sloth, look how happy he'll be when you do...
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    Things to do in MTL during the day

    Anything is fun in Montreal if you grab some big beers from the Depaneur and some biker bud. End the day with some poutine at Lafleurs and you're golden.
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    Things to do in MTL during the day

    Go to the Biodome and try to find the sloth. The Insectarium is pretty cool too if you like bugs, not so much if you don't like them though.
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    The CUTEST baby pic thread

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    Thee HOTTEST Female Musicians Of All-Time!

    Sophie Ellis Bextor Her music sucks cock and balls but her voice is so gorgeous. And those eyes...
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    Action is the enemy of thought.

    LMAO! Be a "Strategist", a "Visionary" or a "Futurist" - those jobs are all thinking and no action yet you can make scads of cash doing talks at conventions and shit.
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    Carter to Mavs rumour

    This quote from Cuban's blog is classic: (In regards to Steve Nash) "How can you not have a great time with and love a guy whose best friends include a guy named SmallBalls, and another guy who goes out with us wearing a shirt that says “I F**ked Your Boyfriend”?" I think Ainge is dumb...
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    Celtic FC vs. AS Roma

    you can get presale tix if you pay with a mastercard, got mine friday. can't wait, hopefully Totti will still be with the team.