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    LF - Trance Records

    Hey I've got a bunch of trance vinyl that I'd be willing to part with, got a listing on this post: https://www.tribemagazine.com/board/threads/90s-00s-records-for-sale-house-electro-trance-hip-hop-hardstyle-euro.172197/
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    Hoping to ID an outdoor event I stumbled across...

    Probably this event: Hands To The Sky 'Pt. Deux': B2B Renegade Nuit Soundsystems
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    90's-00's Records for Sale - House / Electro / Trance / Hip Hop / Hardstyle / Euro

    Should be good, I'll still sell them if someone else comes along first, but I'm not too fussed about moving them quickly. FYI all lots are priced at roughly 50% of their average value in discogs, and most of these records are in well above average condition, some are practically NM
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    90's-00's Records for Sale - House / Electro / Trance / Hip Hop / Hardstyle / Euro

    It's actually all still available, haven't put much effort into moving this lot as I've more storage space at home than I know what to do with. Let me know if you're interested in anything..
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    90's-00's Records for Sale - House / Electro / Trance / Hip Hop / Hardstyle / Euro

    Lots of records for sale, not looking to part up anything found in the lots below, but have a few singles for sale as well. Located near Queen West. Euro Dance / Euro Trance Singles Afrika Bambaataa Presents Khayan - Feel The Vibe (ZYX Music - ZYX 7573-12) - $5 Cascada - Miracle (Robbins...
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    LF: roland mc 303 groovebox

    Saw this pop up on Facebook today, not sure if you still need: https:// www.facebook.com / marketplace / item / 120136901988424
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    LF used record collections

    I'd be interested in looking at any D&B, techno and house as well, send a list my way too please
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    FS: Bose Soundlink Mini 2 - Carbon Black - BNIB - $200

    Received this as a christmas gift, but already own one and don't have a receipt to exchange. BNIB, still sealed. Retails for $220+tax, looking to get $200.
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    Chubs Punch and Pie

    Glad to hear people still want this mix! After years of it being lost somewhere on old harddrives, I finally got around to adding it to soundcloud as well. This link should last: https://soundcloud.com/omgchubbs/chubbs-punch-and-pie
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    Innervisions at the Science Centre - July 24

    Its likely that one dude is touring in NA, while the other is in Europe. Not ideal, but I'll still take it.
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Love the support you guys are throwing over this way. Hard to believe its almost been 10 years! I'll see what I can do about a part 2! I've uploaded it to my soundcloud as well is anyone still needs a dl: https://soundcloud.com/omgchubbs/chubbs-punch-and-pie
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    Wanted: Modem for tek savy cable internet

    I also have an older Teksavvy compatible modem kicking around, but again, depends on what plan you are on, as it is not DOCSIS 3.0
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    FS: Maschine MK1 (LNIB - $300)

    Dropped to $225.