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    We're Looking for a Senior Application Developer

    We've just started looking for a Senior Application Developer with a focus on mobile and touch technology to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested, please feel free to contact me via jobs at nascentdigital dot com Who We Are Nascent is a fast growing consultancy created...
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    Burning Man

    I had the time of my life with the T.O.T.S ... :) Yet another great year and in my opinion, the best so far. Already counting down to next year! Karen
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    Burning Man

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    Job Postings Thread!

    Sorry Will, no legal council needed! :o)
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    Job Postings Thread!

    Usability IA Lead - Rogers Usability IA Lead Responsibilities - Work closely with the user experience team (Creative Directors, Content Strategists, etc.) to represent the end user?s requirements and expectations on a project basis - Provide actionable direction and recommendations...
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    POKER??? I don't even know her.

    Karen Cormack. Prepare to lose sucka!
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    Karen: Are you happy i found the fucking email....

    Bastard. Karen Smalls Badass Wrapper DeathRow Records
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    RIP Dylan

    This picture was taken three weeks ago on the way home from Niagra Falls (hopefully it posts, I've never done this before). I'll miss you, and I love you so much. "You take care, eh" Karen
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    This party was rockin'... P.S Chrissy IS THE BEST THING EVER...she's gt the greatest rack :D COURTNEY IS HOTTTTTTT BOOOYAH HAPPY MUTHA FACKING BDAY TO WILLLLLLL
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ChROmE *PeaceandRockSteady*

    Happy Birthday!!! :) Looking forward to seeing you passed out at Will's this weekend. Hopefully with both eyebrows intact. :p