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    Congrats To Barry!

    WRONG Newsflash - Sports do not follow the rules of the land and illegal acts are permitted in a number of sports. The speed limit in the US has been 55 mph so I guess Nascar drivers are cheating if we follow your argument. What about football hockey boxing wrestling etc, etc, a majority...
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    short term employment tips

    Where is your office? Can anyone come in?
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    The Holographic Universe?

    It is absolutely right about Eastern Spiritualism knowing about this. They have postulated a variant of this theory since the begining. Wouldn't it be ironic if Eastern mysticism is proven to be the correct theory after all these centuries of religion on earth. also if you read Wayne Dyer he...
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    Kinger, we hardly know ye!

    You went to the Love Parade. When was this?
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    million dollar ideas.... how do you turn them from idea to actual reality?

    Ideas accounts for 1% of the success. It’s estimated that everyone has 30 - million dollar ideas per year. However not everyone is rich. Because they don’t want to do the hard part which is to do all the work to bring the idea to fruition. For example creating a strategy, creating a plan...
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    workout buffs: help

    Kinger I noticed this phenomenon also. Very good to know I wasn't the only one. When I see out of shape personal trainers it brings to mind the adage of do what I say not what I do.
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    Barry Bonds......Inhuman??

    I think so but I know his on base percentage is the highest evar. And as far as Mr McGwire goes I think he's sitting at home shitting bricks and hoping his name doesn't come up.
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    Perfume Liquidators - legit or shit?

    Yea but but look on the bright side you win for thinking along the the same lines as me
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    Perfume Liquidators - legit or shit?

    No I think the best line is "Buying counterfeit goods can also have much greater consequences than people realise, and you could end up unwittingly giving money to organised crime and terrorist organisations; profits from some fake t-shirts have even been linked to the funding of the...
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    I use E donkey and so far I have found it to be the best of the bunch for non music stuff.
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    To be or not to be - Acting Classes - Any recommendations

    I want to take a beginners acting class. I am currently pondering taking one from Humber but I dunno if I should go down the route of public education. Maybe private studios are the way to go. Anyone have any experience or knowledge in this field.
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    Kobe may not be so innocent...

    Funny how people like to live in their own little world in their small little heads. Just to be clear I have no problem with people doing this however I find it best if you keep your bizarro world to yourself and not try to introduce the stuff in your head into the real world where normal people...
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    it's official, people...no WMD in iraq, says US weapons inspector

    To Otis & Boss Hog A couple of questions because I am curious. Why are you arguing with a crazy person? A. Do you not know he’s crazy? B. Do you want to educate the masses and see Twist’s crazy statements as an opportunity to do so? C. Do you want to showcase (show off) your...
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    it's official, people...no WMD in iraq, says US weapons inspector

    Here is a good read for anyone that wants a good laugh and to be able to put anything Twist says in proper perspective. I would say he is trolling but I have never seen anyone put so much effort into it. I can only conclude that he may have schizophrenia Tribe Thread starring Twist
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    Ashamed of Your Race?

    lol I think that's a pretty good interpretation myself. one reason a lot of people date outside their race is because that is what they are accustomed to if you grew up in Toronto anyway. The city is so multicultural that you have a hard time finding any concentration of your "race" in normal...