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    U2 BROTHR the Movie - Trailer

    looks cool.
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    Rum: The Nectar of the Gods

    Lime Spiked rum by Captain Morgan's was a really good switch. Easy to shoot. Mix with coke. Another one is the Kracken...not for the weak hearted.
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    Your fav rave

    Some of my favourite parties were Countdown to Armageddon. We waited 3.5 hours to get in...when we arrived at midnight. We stood in line, only to get funneled into another line and then another line. I could hear the window panes rattling from the line up outside. I kept thinking "I am getting...
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    Warrior Dash

    looks awesome. Read about this race frequently in Men's Health magazine. Would love to do it.
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    Putting my money on Hobo with a shotgun!
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    FS: 1 Technics SL-1200MK2 - $470

    still for sale?!?!
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2010/2011

    I don't know why they even advertise Leafs tickets for sale on Ticketmaster. I have been trying to get (legit) tickets for the last 7 years and not once have I been able to get (reasonably priced -- less than 150 per ticket) ever. Bogus.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    tickets are supposed to go on sale this month sometime. Probably closer to the end of January.
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    New Year's resolutions for 2011

    eat slowly
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    The eternal MMA thread

    Awesome season so far. St. Pierre is making Koscheck look like a punk. But I guess Koscheck does well at that on his own!
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    Huge Record Lot-Tech/House/Minimal/Electro

    Wow. If i had the extra cash to throw at this lot, I would snag it!
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    The eternal MMA thread

    Brutal PPV. Glad I downloaded it the day after. Sherk fight was the most entertaining. Mir/Crop-Cop and the rest of the card (even Guillard) was a snooze, "sparring" fight, with no engagement. Dana White should cut all their asses from the UFC for such SHITE fights.
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    Oldschool Hiphop - Extra Dry Promo Mix - DJ Ghaleon

    W.O.W! Downloading now! Thanks.
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    How to get DJ gigs?

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    Eating Watermelon

    Funny Shit!