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    Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJs

    01. Blackfeel Wite – Amnesia 02. Filipsson Ulysses - The Endless 03. Angel Rize – I Dream You 04. Ajello – Early Sept (Bocca Grande remix) 05. Martin Virgin – Trippin To The Stars 06. The C90s – 10-01 (Vocal version) 07. Sendos Fuera – Human League 08. Sweet & Sour – Thinking Of You...
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    Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJs

    "All the best things happen by mistake (well that’s what my parents tell me). BroKen DJs is certainly one of them." Enough said. Check it: Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJs | bringthebeats Stream it: SoundCloud STREAMS | bringthebeats Have you missed the others? Find them here: btb BEATS |...
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    Luke Fair @ toika

    amazing night! thanks for the review tara.
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    rickyryan @ WARUNG XCLUSIVE www.warungclub.com.br : PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 ]

    DOWNLOAD WARUNG XCLUSIVE MIXES : http://www.rickyryan.com/newsletters/rickyryan/200905_02/ PART 1 : 01* Julian Sanza - Bolumen (Original Mix) - REBIRTH 02* Unai - I Like Your Style (Original Mix) - DISCO INC 03* Anton Pieete - I Do Not Want (Original Mix) - INTACTO 04* Kobana and...
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    rickyryan @ bringthebeats PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 ]

    FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED !!! PART 1 : 01* Baboop - Yes We Can (Luis Junior Remix) - ABYSOMA 02* Athos - Lo-File (Riccardo Ferri Remix) - ALCHEMY 03* Paul Hardy - Ninja Slipper (Sasse Dub) - BAKERSTREET 04* Drive Dealers - Colors (N-Code The Color Remix) - SEND 05* Alkatraz - Break My...
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    16 Bit Lolitas - Warung Beach 001

    anyone see this in Toronto stores?
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    rickyryan @ MOBFESTIVAL PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

    FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED !!! PART 1 : 01* Stel - Godthab (Kruse & Nurnberg Remix - Sonora RR Intro) - DIEB 02* Marc Romboy - Sonora (Hugo Remix) - SYSTEMATIC 03* Johnny D vs Deepient - Tramodyssee Born Again (Bubblehead Deep Chillout Dub / Ricky Ryan Mashup) - CDR 04* Outmode -...
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    Luke Fair Boxing day special

    First of all, happy bday Tara. I too am glad we could host our annual event for the Yonge Street Mission on your very special day this year. You’ve always been one of the most loyal btb’ers, we so appreciate your constant support. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to this benefit...
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    DOWNLOAD : rickyryan @ www.BRINGTHEBEATS.com : PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]

    FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED !!! PART 1 : 01* Urban Hussy - Mardi Gras (lmd64 vs Daniel Kyo Remix / Ricky Ryan Dub Intro Edit) - SICK WATONA 02* Square One - Twilight - FREERANGE 03* Shiprinski - Liminal (Secrets) - SICK WATONA 04* Lucca - Woodblocker (Funk D'void Remix) - SOUND OF...
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    Ricky Ryan

    Definitely the best party bringthebeats has ever put together. Really, this was six years in the making. The perfect group of people in the most perfect space. A dancefloor willing to rock it out to fresh, underground sounds that only barely reached 120 bpm all night. An energized crowd...
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    Renaissance: The Mix Collection - Danny Howells

    definitely a dope comp. a more relaxed version of the danny funk. quality.
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    Terry Lee Brown Jr.

    Its in the new IMO post. Just following the rules by not providing a link.
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    Terry Lee Brown Jr.

    i posted the sets on our site today. enjoy!
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    Terry Lee Brown Jr.

    The event details were sent out at 3:30pm the day of the event for anyone who was on the bringthebeats guest list. I apologize, it wasn't two days before. I really appreciate everyone's support in regards to this gig. We're definitely looking to bring back Terry and possibly The Timewriter...
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    Terry Lee Brown Jr.

    I agree whole-heartedly. There is just a ton of shit going on all the time, and its definitely difficult to decide which DJ to hear and which venue to head out to. That's why we're going to stay small for the time being. For as amazing as it was to have a legend like Terry on the decks...