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Recent content by Brandon

  1. Brandon

    2012: the year electronic music broke

    Corporate dance music still sucks, but then again so does this news: Red Bull Music Academy and Radio to Shut Down Music community reacts to imminent closure of Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio
  2. Brandon

    Electro \ Techno mix from chase23

    Welp, here it is 13 years later and my CD-R finally bit the dust. Does anyone have this mix archived and are they willing to share?
  3. Brandon

    onward christian soldiers, dancing through the night...

    Ah, N*Soul. That takes me back.
  4. Brandon

    Toronto Life Parkdale Reno Crack House

    Then why not open your wallet to help these poor folks out?
  5. Brandon

    Church reverend pictured with crisps on his nipples during 4-day cocaine and ketamine-fuelled bender

    I had a good chuckle at "The Crystal Methodist." Well played.
  6. Brandon

    HMV Canada to close all 102 stores

    I still bought CDs at my local HMV on the regular. It will definitely be missed, even though these days it was just a Hot Topic clone with a rack of CDs and Blu-Rays in the back.
  7. Brandon

    Whatever happened to... Ones and Twos?

    Scott Lazaruk and Tom Robbs, if memory serves.
  8. Brandon

    Pot task force recommendations for legalization of weed in Canada

    It occurs to me that the most illicit things I've ever purchased were unlicensed DJ mixtapes.
  9. Brandon

    Oakland fire kills at least 33 people at warehouse party, fire chief says

    Just awful. Brings back a lot of memories of dodgy illegal venues and overcrowded nightclubs, each dangerous in their own way (well, much in the same way I suppose).
  10. Brandon

    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Clearly the Great Leap Forward was in panoramic photography technology.
  11. Brandon

    Happy Halloween from Freakin 2000 at the Better Living Center

    Were the people in the third pic EDM time travellers or something?
  12. Brandon

    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    So sorry to hear this. RIP Kevin.
  13. Brandon

    Shows worth watching?

    Pretty sure I saw a Commodore PET at one point.
  14. Brandon

    Battle Android Trooper live @ the Light Factory 06-18-16 [electro, acid, synthwave, house]

    Here's an all-hardware live set I played last night on the Light Factory Stage at the Summer Lights Festival in downtown Kitchener, ON. Enjoy!
  15. Brandon

    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    That series of bedroom photographs is amazing.