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    NYE 2002 ->> Blaise + Acmelabz

    Twas a fabulous night!! Thanx for those who put it together. Just what I needed Let me know the next time you guys are throwing down and I'll be there. p.s. Bring that grrrl dj Electra back, she sure knows how to throw down an intense set!
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    Chris Anderson......50 000 watts of ...........

    Thanks I feel better!!
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    Chris Anderson......50 000 watts of ...........

    Came with one objective and objective was fullfilled Hard stompin tunes. Lots of booze...maybe too much booze!! And excellent company! Also liked the fact that there was no smokin on the dance floor. Didn't like the fact that almost everyone received a c.d. except me AH...s'all gewd anyway...
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    Phunkfest II review

    Fun.. fun..FUN!! Nice to see alot of familiar faces that I don't get to see that often. Great way to end the weekend brandon
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    Steve Lawler @ Element

    ^^^Duh! Nevermind Borris I got you're card!
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    Steve Lawler @ Element

    Oh yeah! How could I totally forget. Big thanx to you Mike for grabbin me the promo stuff and for putting together a fabulous night! Borris if you're reading this send me your E-mail address. cheers brando commando
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    Steve Lawler @ Element

    Yup!!!! It was a fantastic time A nice small venue catering to a small tight musically knowledged crowd. Steve's Tribal rythyms got my ass shakin properly! Shout out to Borris (one R' or two R's?) Catherine and Jessica. It was a pleasure shakin my booty with you guys. Hope to do it again soon...
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    breaks party busted @ metropolis/160

    Yeah, the party was starting to pick up about the time it got busted. Not good operators. Period. Bad for small society's name. Full suport to scotty.
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    Hey I was dancing Aside from a few idiots in the mens washroom making fun of this poor kid, I had a pretty good time. Lata brandon
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    - Small Society -

    I am now back at my igloo up north thinking of the memories of friday night. I had a spanktastic time I really enjoyed seeing alot of faces that I haven't seen in quite sometime. And was pleased to finally meet some of the tribers(SUNKIST-Wicked wicked HAIR!!) Moez-Don't worry I'll show ya how...
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    Quivver and Medway

    Whooo Absolutely intoxicating!!! Thanx Mike. P.s. Nesta, just look the other way!! That stuff's been happening for years!! boyblu
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    a family affair

    Just a quick thanx to the sonic state crew for assisting in bringing my new years in proper. Nice to see you Matt(beaker) sorry wazn't in the gibbidy-gob mode but you didn't quite look like it either!! Nick, nice to see you too! I have a small request, well it's more of an "I need to know". UM...
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    Oliver Lieb @ Breathe

    BOY OH BOY!! What can I say but UNH...UH>>>UHHHH.. DAmn that was one of the best ass kickin' nights that I felt in a long time!!! Wait a minute it's always an ass-kickin at SYSTEM. Wicked Club, Talented D'j's and not to mention impecable promoters for keeping up on bringing forth the...