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    Mpiii - New Downloads - Feb 26th

    Greetz here is a list of new downloads added to MPIII.com this week ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MPIII.com Exclusive Downloads DJ Kubikov - Shanti Deepmix - Moscow RU - Feb 2006 Sneaky - MPIII Radio - Feb 2006 Severence - Capsula - Feb...
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    Guilty Pleasures

    Peter, Paul, and Mary!
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    friday night drizzunk crew

    Yeah, I really liked the part in Robocop where one of the bad guys falls into some acid, starts yelling that he's melting, and gets hit by a car causing his body to mush all over the place. That scene has always stuck in my mind... When I saw that movie is the theater I thought it was the...
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    friday night drizzunk crew

    I don't, I'm a noob remember? Anyway, don't go pissing off your woman. If thats the case, you should do your best to make her happy. There will be other proper occasions to drink soon. I'd like to propose a toast to you, Syntax Error...To new beginnings! (Thats my favorite toast due...
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    friday night drizzunk crew

    I may be a n00b to the board, but I'm a champion alcoholic. Quit being a wuss and drink up!
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    friday night drizzunk crew

    Drink it straight! You'll become immune after a few small sips! I will take my next sip of booze in honor of this thread! Cheers!
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    woman who recieved face transplant speaks out!

    I agree. There's a man who I see in town who is missing his nose and part of his mouth. There's just a hole in the middle of his face. Its quite freaky to look at, I'm sure he receives hundreds of odd looks on a daily basis. I'd take my face looking like that womans any day over having a...
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    Smooth Melodic Sounds...

    ...before you go to bed tonight (Saturday 2/4). From Sneaky, Ft Wayne, Indiana...
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    Who's the cutest child actor (past/present) in your opinion?!

    My friends and I growing up always used to imitate Danny's wide open mouth face shake. Kind of like how the announcer from Conan O'Brian does. Joel...I think his name is.