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    The game is awesome. I played for the first time last night, didn't try the beta or alpha... already level 8 Hunter. Loving it so far!!! Really great!
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    odd animated gifs V 2.0

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    Anybody seen The Edge of Tomorrow

    It's a great movie and worth a viewing. Perfect mix of comedy, action, and sci-fi. See it in Imax 3d if you can. 2 thumbs up!
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    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    Not early in the game, during casting.
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    Is Silicon Valley worth watching?

    Awesome show! Worth a watch for sure.
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    Anyone picking up Wolfenstein?
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    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    Do you guys also watch the Survivor Ponderosa?
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    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    I don't think Kass would win in the final. Her first flip resulted in 4 out 5 people becoming juror members.
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    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    I really don't like Kass. She comes off as a super bitch, with a massive superiority complex. Calling people out for doing things she also did and acting like she is better than them all. I hope she is next.
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    Traktor Users what laptop are you running?

    No I would use traktor as my software, not ableton. Just wondering how great it really is. I am a traktor virgin. :)
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    Traktor Users what laptop are you running?

    Speaking of Traktor... I have been using ableton live with a firewire card and midi controller for performing but I am now looking at upgrading to something that is all in one. Is the S2 and S4 the best of the best? I want a no hassle plug and play setup. How good is the internal card in the S...
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    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    God I want Kass gone. I can't stand her... she keeps spewing hypocritical crap after backstabbing her original core alliance. It really annoys me.
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    Here is an electro/prog tune I did at the end of 2013... released on Hardlove Records. https://soundcloud.com/johnny-g-love/solaris-original-mix
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    Here's a nice mid tempo groove from my new alias. https://soundcloud.com/fresh-fix/the-slink
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    The Audio Nerd thread

    I think... that means you can still use that hdmi feed even if the amp is off. Like your ps4 is connected in hdmi thru, when the amp is off the ps4 still can be displayed (sound and audio) on the tv.