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    ...and here's me!
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    biologik - clouded (all artist production)

    bump and gone :(
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    biologik - clouded (all artist production)

    Hi Everyone, As per usual, here's my once a year mix of new stuff I've been working on. I'm actually working on an album and the first few tracks will probably be in it. I've also got every track I do now in a live PA set so be on the lookout for shows in NYC (and in TO when I go home if anyone...
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    biologik - once a year (producer showcase)

    no comments? </3 :(
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    biologik - once a year (producer showcase)

    Hi Everyone, Here's my yearly mix of mostly new tracks :) Hope you enjoy! A lot of great new tracks in the works right now. Looking at a whole EP with Opencloud for 2010 too! http://www.ericliberda.com/mp3/biologik_-_once_a_year(production_mix).mp3 01: biologik - midnight fires...
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    Steve Mack - 27th Anniversary Mix [Tech House/Progressive]

    ok, this will be in rotation for quite some time! what a great set, thanks steve!
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    Rents - A Fresh Perspective Volume 2 (atmospheric & dubby dnb)

    this set was glooooooorious!
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    biologik - motion theory

    Hey Nusty, Thanks man - It really is nice to hear that people like my productions. I really don't know how far my music reaches... I only produce for fun. Sorry it takes me so long to make a mix.. but it takes me a while to produce the tracks (or rather.. finish them) :) Thanks again! Eric
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    Rents - Close Encounters (dubstep mix)

    awaiting my next eargasm!
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    biologik - motion theory

    thanks guys. and yeah, that cybordelics remix was on his mix... truthfully, it wasn't done in the last 6 mos but I love it so threw it in! more tracks coming out on Proton Ltd if anyone is interested in picking em up :P cheers, Eric
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    bace - When I Had Hair

    dude, I remember that party so well. checkin out the mix, thx! Eric
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    Rents - A Fresh Perspective Vol 1 (atmospheric & dubby dnb)

    btw.. this mix was gold. GOLD.
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    biologik - motion theory

    shameless bump. after this it fades to black. see you next mix. e
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    biologik - motion theory

    thanks! nothing's wrong with the site.. I just hide the front page since I host a lot of other sites through the same server. only certain people know the back pages.. sorry. as for my myspace, I do.. but I rarely check it or modify it.. no new tracks on there for at least 2 years i think...