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  1. billy

    For Depeche Mode fans!!!

    Picked up 4 via the fan pre-sale as well. Looks like prices increased for the public sale. As for the album, it's not that bad. Has about 4-5 songs that grow on you fast. Unfortunately it has one that you know from the start that Dave wrote. Love that he's become a songwriter but IMO really...
  2. billy


    Are you referring to that relatively short scene with no explanation?
  3. billy


    Totally. Had to rewind one of them to confirm I was hearing The Cure.
  4. billy


    The last episode definitely added a new twist which should carry things until the end of the season. Not sure if the plot will make it beyond a second season though. A friend gave me a copy of the original movie. Haven't watched it yet but intrigued to see the comparisons.
  5. billy

    Toronto Rave Documentary '97

    I contacted a friend at Warner. Your video is working again via the original link.
  6. billy

    Depeche Mode fans

    Guess I'm the "thread ender" on this one. :P
  7. billy

    Depeche Mode fans

    Black Celebration! 202 Row B.
  8. billy

    Depeche Mode fans

    A few articles have noted that they really don't like the song. However, how awesome was it to hear But Not Tonight? Sure it was a stripped down version but they've never performed it prior to this tour. Everyone singing along was beautiful.
  9. billy

    Pet Shop Boys

    Is it sold out yet? SiriusMX New Wave was playing a recent BBC PSB performance today and quite liked it. Haven't seen them since the Nightlife tour. If New Order was an indication, electronic music sounds fantastic in the Sony Centre no matter where you are.
  10. billy

    depeche mode

    202 Row B.
  11. billy

    massive attack

    that is pretty funny. we've had the same situation a few times. "sorry bud, but you want to be over there" pointing at the kool haus from across the lake. both shows were kick ass. it was a bit odd as we had a show in between the 2 MA shows. they packed all the stage gear in the back end of...
  12. billy

    massive attack

    ok, i posted my note while having a few bevies but i can add some notes that i think "may" help. first, i'm not a bartender there. 1) the 72A bus does go down there until the end of subway closing time. like many bus routes, it does end after that. however, most concerts end before midnight...
  13. billy

    massive attack

    i've been holding out on a reply about this, but not any more. i don't understand the balance of having a love for a band and yet resisting to see them because of a hatred of a venue. this isn't a band that comes through town every year. so you don't like SA. ok, not everyone does...
  14. billy

    Blue Jays/MLB Thread 2010

    the jays are going to take a big hit on attendance this season. the absence of doc is a huge factor. they don't have those almost guaranteed win games anymore. hell, if you look at the schedule handout pizza pizza has, they only have 3 giveaway games this season. august home games are almost...