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  1. Big Cheese

    Nobody Cares...

    I was shocked at how difficult it was for me to find a clean looking, fresh pair of kicks that are all black w/ black sole....
  2. Big Cheese

    Nobody Cares...

    fuck me its been a while since i've slithered around these parts... 'Sup tribe
  3. Big Cheese

    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    although unfortunate as it is that I never had the opportunity to get to know him off the board, I have many friends on the board whom have had that opportunity, with nothing but amazing things to say about him. either as an amazing human being, a party buddy or an all around family man. it...
  4. Big Cheese

    Craziest, most dangerous place(s) you've been

    I inadvertently tried to drive through, then got stuck in and couldn't move during a sectarian fueled government protest turned into full blown riot in Manama. Tear gas, molotov's and hunks of cinder blocks getting mad air over my van. fucking terrifying. nothing in the papers about it...
  5. Big Cheese

    Letterkenny -- better than trailer park boys?

    can't get enough of this. so good.
  6. Big Cheese

    Sad News

    RIP Cosmosuave
  7. Big Cheese

    What are you having for dinner?

    fify for real tho, i just love thai soups :^/
  8. Big Cheese

    RIP Lemmy (A Motorhead Thread)

    Hell just got a little bit louder RIP Lemmy
  9. Big Cheese

    The Documentary Thread

    'J hit this one up. really enjoyed it. also just finished the Seven Five on Netflix. interesting little piece of NYPD history. and memory of the camps... ugh. that's something else right there. i've been privy to first and second hand accounts and stories of atrocities during the war from...
  10. Big Cheese

    Nobody Cares...

    as if *lulz* welcome back lady
  11. Big Cheese

    What are you having for dinner?

    14 hour sous-vide pork side ribs with my tamarind chili BBQ sauce. just nasty
  12. Big Cheese

    Nobody Cares...

    fuck that shit man, the "tech heads" can go piss in the goddamn wind. Your wife got you a wonderful present and you were genuinely touched by the sentiment. Let'em laugh that's an awesome gift. And prob one of the reasons you put a fucking ring on her finger is because she's good like that...
  13. Big Cheese

    Nobody Cares...

    fuck perhaps i should go see him See i hate my dentist. as a matter of fact i hate all the dentists i've ever had and i know it's totally a me thing. bad experiences with my family dentist as a child and as luck would have it, same deal with my orthodontist as a teen and its driven me to 4...
  14. Big Cheese

    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

  15. Big Cheese

    What the hell are you listening to?

    it hurts my fucking soul i missed her hometown show in the harbour with Caribou and Jamie xx. I hustled so hard to get that day off but no dice. ho hum anyways diggin this as of late