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    Cord-cutting: Have you cut off your cable or satellite TV?

    I like my TV with my retention offers piled on...
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    The art of "Digging" has been lost?

    It's one thing if you are a deep house DJ at a tech house party asking for a track, it's another thing if you are from the same genre asking for multiple tracks. If you are a professional DJ you should know most of the tracks. I love seeing a DJ and being on a mission on Beatport to find some...
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    The art of "Digging" has been lost?

    The issue is about reading someone's tracks of a computer instead of giving the person the courtesy of ASKING HIM WHAT THE TRACK IS! It's sneaky to be in a booth and checking over the person's computer, just fucking ask him for the track. As for tracks that some DJs don't want to give out...
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    Star Wars....

    Kershner's DVD commentary on The Empire Strikes Back is awesome!
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    Timmy Regisford vs Carl Craig - the reviews!

    Seeing Regisford in a short set didn't do it for me, he looks like a guy that needs a few hours to warm up. His levels were way too high for me though, my ears were killing!
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    Has anyone ever signed up for the "3 months free" or "6 months free" promotion from Robbers? Apparently if you bring your 3 services of Home Phone, Internet and TV from Bell to Robbers you are eligible for that promotion. I want to know what type of catch is associated with that, because...
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    What can I expect from a Chus and Cebellos

    The party will still go on whether or not you are there, so don't worry. I like these guys a lot, they may not play as underground at they used to, but they are a huge draw whenever they play in Toronto, so obviously Toronto loves them. They are way better in an afterhours setting, some of...
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    Avatar reviews unmixed

    Titanic had mixed reviews as well, and look how it turned out...
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    promoters who don't post prices

    You missed a good party. Cobra is growing on me. When the system is tuned properly and not cranked all the way to the max it's the best soundsystem in the city.
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    We are all mutants say scientists

    Dazzler was a lame X-Man.
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    Stereo burns down...Again?!

    Yeah, but those are guys that ate themselves. In the Montreal biker war from 1994-2001 it was one group against another.
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    Stereo burns down...Again?!

    Yeah, interesting. It's like that episode of the Rotten Fruit where they kill the competing band members and unfurl a banner saying "Rip C-5" on the same day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdEc9yCUl-o
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Don't like the new interface. Anyone play Marvel vs Capcom 2 online? I'm looking for non cheap players to play. add me dinner78
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    Stereo burns down...Again?!

    Everyone is saying it's the Hells, but virtually all of them got taken down in the Project SharQc takedowns this year. Fuck, Stereo is my favorite club in North America. I was so ready to go for this weekend. Le sigh.
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    Inglourious Basterds

    Not everybody knew that Tarantino had been working on this script for ten years and said it would be his masterpiece. I thought it was cool that the last line in the film referenced this. Settle down cowboy.