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    The Mom Thread

    For those wanting counselling, check and see if your employer has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP's are typically free and offer counselling services to employees. Usually, they have a 24-hour hotline and counselling could be set up over the phone or in person. Any information that you...
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    Sectional Couches

    This is what we have (different fabric, however): Brentwood Classics Chaise sofa We bought an extra seat cushion, so it can turn into a 3-seat couch. The chaise is not fixed, so it can be placed on either side. It was around $1400 (price varies depending on fabric choice, etc) from GH...
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    ^^^ I'm really happy with these shoes: ECCO Shoes Canada - LITE I bought them for my commute to work (I no longer drive!) and have no complaints. they are super comfortable and ... haven't caused me to have any blisters. :-)
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    I'm a guest at a destination wedding

    i think it's a great idea. ;) (that's what we did)
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    The Mom Thread

    rubytuesday - check with your health plan provider about needing a doctor's note for RMT, you may not need it and your provider is the best source for the answer.
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    Fashion and Style Help/Advice

    definitely check out Jacob. They filed for bankruptcy and seem to be dropping their prices each week (one week it was 40% off the lowest ticket price, the next week 50% off) to clear out stock.
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    ^^ i've seen similar necklaces at Outer Layer (Queen West and Annex locations).
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    The Mom Thread

    ^^^have you checked out Ikea? we picked up some awesome graphic fabric there for placemats, a tablecloth, a tv-cozy (yup, like it sounds). i would imagine they'd have some fabric suitable for a nursery too. :-)
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    Gluten Free ideas

    I picked up this cookbook recently: chapters.indigo.ca: Babycakes: Vegan, (mostly) Gluten-free, And (mostly) Sugar-free Recipes From New York's Most Talked-about Bake: Erin Mckenna: Books The recipes are easy to follow and quite tasty. :-)
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    ^^^ Bulk Barn or generally, any health food store (i.e., Noah's, Qi, Garden of Life Organics, etc).
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    Wedding Celebration (not a wedding) - how much to give ?

    Give a gift that's within your means and what you feel is appropriate. I personally would give a gift as though it was a typical wedding (i.e., ceremony and party in the same day).
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    The Mom Thread

    ^^^ That was completely, completely insensitive of your colleagues! There are many other ways that they could have celebrated your one colleague's upcoming birth at the same time as being sensitive to you. Unbelievable.
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    Lesportsac haven: check out Accessories by Eva (north side of Eglinton, a block or 2 or so west of Avenue Road). Winners periodically carries lesportsac.
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    Berlin and Prague

    while in berlin, check out this beer garden: Prater Garten Berlin - The city's oldest and most beautiful beer garden :)
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    Where did you buy your wedding dress?

    ^^^ I was married in the Caribbean and my dress was very appropriate for it - length: just below my knees; design: off-white, with a sheer, organza-type material overlaid, which had a smattering of tropical flowers, a few of which extended below the hem of the dress. :) The best part...