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    Total Science/Max Graham @Turbo

    "scorchenberg mix." this is funny
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    514's Montreal

    gizmo kidnapped jon the dentist and left him duct taped in his hotel room so as to not have to hear him...
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    Sister Bliss RAWKED!!!

    i swear i posted in here already, but it might have been removed?? she kicked the living crap out of atomic on saturday night..i was so juiced to hear some of the records she had..thats a good thing on the downside, i now have a HUGE shopping list...thats a bad thing..im going to be poor.
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    Max Graham @ Giant

    a flanger is similar to a jet going overhead. this is more like a jet plane crashing. on top of your house.while your in the living room. to answer your question..-a flanger is basically a form of delay,combining a delayed signal with itself,undelayed. it is also called a comb-filter effect.
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    Sister Bliss RAWKED!!!

    someone explain the "BO!" thing to me,please...
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    Max Graham @ Giant

    just to clarify: not a hoovver in the Noom/Tinrib sens of the word...its more like a jet plane crashing...
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    Breathe Fridays w/Mark Anthony

    apparently that have(ahem)bassbins UNDER the floor at Stereo..(ahem) must be nice...
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    Sister Bliss RAWKED!!!

    She's playing here in Ottawa at Atomic tonight, good to know that people wont be dissapointed. Cheers, Brad