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    Happy New Year @ Footwork

    Without a doubt the best NYE in recent memory (and there’s nothing wrong with my LTM thank you very much). FW had all the ingredients of a great party…nice friendly folks, hunks, babes, good music, nice staff, not too packed and not too boiling hot. JoeSeven nice to meet you + 1 (flavour...
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    Happy birthday rude1_247!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK :) from one astronomy lover to another...GO VIRGO GO!!!
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    *Happy Birthday Mariazmess!!*

    BONNE FETE MA BELLE...hope your birthday is FANNTASTIC :) ps. What's this about you falling asleep at a club!? More deets next time I see you! And remember...electro is soooooooo not dead.
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    Happy Birthday Skipper!

    Sarah you truly ROCK!!! Many many BDAY wishes...may this year bring you much love, happiness and success! Let the good times roll :)
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    Tiga @ Mod Club - May 5, 2006

    ^^OH OH...now ur in trouble with u-know-whose-dad...FULL CIRCLE...YEAH!!!
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    Tiga @ Mod Club - May 5, 2006

    Day 4 A.T. and my heart is still aflutter…what a phenomenal show!!! I can’t really speak for mstrkrft (as I missed most of their performance) but TIGA was absolutely breathtaking. I LOVE NEON events are always colourful and fun, attracting a diverse crowd…and this show was no exception...
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    returning for Dec.2

    ^^ here here!!! have got my ben-gay packed and I am SO ready to rock :)
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    Steve Bug at WorkFoot

    says who??? I don't wanna lose my voice and destroy my legs like I did la dernière fois...gotta prep for these things ;)
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    Steve Bug at WorkFoot

    did you say partnah in crime??? Steve Bug’s continues playing with seductive and laid-back funk, dirty retro basslines and random bleeps, incorporates techno electro and basic funk into bare house grooves creating moody minimal and seductive music. sounds like a great prelude to...
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    Happy birthday Poot!!

    sorry a bit slow on the draw with my tribe b-day post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!! You are an absolute ray of sunshine...a great friend through and through! Looking forward to really given er...don't forget that the shenanigans will only truly start at 1:30 am Saturday morning ;)
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    What's Footwork's Website?

    tanks! hi timmah :)
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    What's Footwork's Website?

    anybody know bout guestlist?
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    CRAZYDAZE @ IV Lounge - Thanksgiving Monday

    gonna support one of my fave gdays - SARAH MIXINGTON - her rockin set starts at 3 pm! I will NOT be corrupted this weekend...I've got a plan and I'm stickin to it: tofurkey/9/disco nap/crazydaze...WOOHOO! ps. and maybe some crazy robot moves...CAN'T WAIT TO BREAK IT DOWN!!! whatdaya...
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    What time does Stereo Bar (Montreal) open?

    I was there once...back in July...I believe dj XL (sp?) rocked it at Stereo on Friday night/Sat. morning til around 10 am or so...then the partied continued downstairs...can't remember who was playing but the vibe was awesome... yeah...I believe it's every weekend...no matter what the...
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    What time does Stereo Bar (Montreal) open?

    Stereobar opens Sat. morning as soon as Stereo closes (time varies depending on party but usually opens at around 11 am)...and kicks it until 3-6 pm...same thing on Sunday... very good times indeed