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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    RIP Uncle Bobby, true legend. Fuck, as an Ipswich supporter this has hit me harder than i expected. Reading all the tributes online has had me in tears. I'm just glad that i was able to watch him do his magic at Portman Road, as Ipswich manager and then once when he came over with...
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    MESSI goal

    <3 Messi
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    Attack of the Rednecks: (Warning: offensive to Alabama)

    fuck i love top gear, that ranks as one of the funniest episodes i've ever seen.... im still wondering where he found that cow.....
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    youtube, sports room addition

    arsenal fans having a singsong after Robbie Savage (who incidentally broke his leg today against Watford) goaded Gilberto into a red card a couple weeks back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cthHdlCrdD4&eurl= im sure there's a few savage haters round these parts who may enjoy this.....:D
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    Home theatre question

    its not real...
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    No TSN on Bell Express VU?

    yeah i'd love to get setanta....
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    No TSN on Bell Express VU?

    i have a feeling that the Score may start showing sunday fixtures when the NFL season has finished. last year they had the 11am game, and now its an NFL pregame show or something.....wait and see i guess. i've been getting all my matches that arent on sportsnet here this year...
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    Mac Question

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    Dj Socool - Wif me 'eadphones on (Downtempo, etc)

    great tracklisting grabbing now
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    Ottawa Senators 2006-2007

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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    what a second half by pool today. two beautiful goals by Kuyt and Riise, and a great play by Gerrard to set up the first. Big miss by Jenas though.... could have been very different if that went in. now lets see if the Blades can stick their boots up the Arse
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    haha, i loved that. For Jose, it was either punch him or hug him. so funny
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    bout time pool got a win. hopefully get to see the midweek MOTD tonight. grabbed a decent doc last night on the corruption in the english game, about agents paying managers and chief scouts to get exclusive deals with their respective clubs for players. A lot of pretty damning evidence...
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    sadness for the fans of top gear...

    heard about this today, hope he gets better soon.
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    A Very Dub Reggae Set By Yours Truly!

    nice one thanks