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    WAVEWHORE - “I Feel It” + KICKFLIP Remix (Elektroshok Records)… Out today!!

    Elektroshok Records presents… WAVEWHORE - “I Feel It” + KICKFLIP Remix… in stores now!! Listen: Buy: I Feel It from Elektroshok Records on Beatport Available exclusively at Beatport on August 20, 2018 and then all stores on September 3, 2018!! For more information visit...
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    ALT-A - "Encore" w/ WAVEWHORE Remix - (Very Important Music) - Out Now!!

    ALT-A - "Encore" w/ WAVEWHORE Remix - (Very Important Music) - Out Now!! Very Important Music is proud to present a 10 year anniversary release featuring Alt-a with remix duties from Wavewhore!! Listen: Buy: Wavewhore, Alt-A New Releases: ENCORE on Beatport Aquasky - "Thanks for the...
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    WAVEWHORE - Guest DJ Mix for Lady Waks - Record Dance Radio (Russia)

    WAVEWHORE - GUEST DJ MIX FOR LADY WAKS - RECORD DANCE RADIO (RUSSIA) Record Dance Radio, Russia's biggest dance radio station, presents a guest DJ mix by Wavewhore, a New York City based DJ/Producer/Remix Artist, as featured on the Lady Waks Show. Original air date: June 21, 2016. Stream...
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    WAVEWHORE - Got To Be Funky - (Elektroshok) - Out Now!!

    WAVEWHORE - "Got To Be Funky" - (Elektroshok Records) - Out Now!! Available exclusively at Beatport on December 14, 2015 and then all stores on December 28, 2015!! Listen: https://soundcloud.com/wavewhore/wavewhore-got-to-be-funky-elektroshok-records Buy...
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    WAVEWHORE - JUNGLE BREAKS DJ MIX - (Free Download) Wavewhore presents a jungle breaks DJ mix featuring some of his favorite bass driven riddims of all time!! Almost all of the tracks are exclusive Wavewhore edits and the mix includes his recent single, "Work It Out", along with his remix of...
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    WAVEWHORE - You Got It / Powerful - (Elektroshok Records) - Out Now!!

    WAVEWHORE - "You Got It" / "Powerful" - (Elektroshok Records) - Out Now!! Available exclusively at Beatport on March 16, 2015 and then all stores on March 30, 2015!! https://soundcloud.com/wavewhore/sets/wavewhore-you-got-it-powerful Buy at Beatport...
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    FREE DOWNLOAD: "Feel That Ammunition (WAVEWHORE VIP Remix)" - FARACE - (Kick It Recordings)

    FREE DOWNLOAD!! "Feel That Ammunition (Wavewhore VIP Remix)" - Farace feat. Trevor Rockwell - (Kick It Recordings) Click the Soundcloud link for more details: https://soundcloud.com/wavewhore/farace-ft-trevor-rockwell-feel-that-ammunition-wavewhore-remix-kick-it-free-download...
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    WAVEWHORE - Take The Dancefloor / Work It Out - iBreaks Bass (IBREAKSBA018)

    Now available at Beatport!! Take The Dancefloor [iBreaks Bass] :: Beatport
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    WAVEWHORE - Take The Dancefloor / Work It Out - iBreaks Bass (IBREAKSBA018)

    Out now on iBreaks Bass!! WAVEWHORE - "Take The Dancefloor" / "Work It Out" - iBreaks Bass (IBREAKSBA018) iBreaks Bass brings you the hefty nu-jungle breaks sound of New York City based Wavewhore, who drops a ton of bpms and bass on this two-track EP. Take The Dancefloor kicks off the...
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    WAVEWHORE ON SWEET SCIENCE RADIO - 107.3 FM BIRMINGHAM MOUNTAIN RADIO Sweet Science Radio presents an exclusive DJ mix by New York City based DJ, producer & remix artist Wavewhore as featured on Birmingham Mountain Radio 107.3 FM. Mixcloud Link: WAVEWHORE on SWEET SCIENCE RADIO -...
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    WAVEWHORE on BBC Radio 1 - The Annie Nightingale Show DJ Mix

    WAVEWHORE on BBC Radio 1 - The Annie Nightingale Show New York City based bass music producer Wavewhore returns to BBC Radio 1 with an exclusive DJ mix for the Annie Nightingale show!! Mixcloud link: Wavewhore - WAVEWHORE Returns to BBC Radio 1 - The Annie Nightingale Show - Mix #2 |...
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    "Bass Pressure (Wavewhore Remix)" - FREE DOWNLOAD!!! New York City based recording artist WAVEWHORE is giving away his top-selling remix of "BASS PRESSURE" by REKTCHORDZ as featured on BBC Radio 1 courtesy of Mechanoise sub-label, BreaksFM. Follow the Facebook link below and click on the...
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    Baroque Records' CHILLED STRUCTURES 2, a digital compilation release featuring the reggae-soaked downtempo riddim "SYNCHRONICITY DUB" by WAVEWHORE and ACETONE is in stores now and available at Beatport and other fine digital music shops!!! Check out the Soundcloud promo link below for more...
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    iBreaks Funk 018 - WAVEWHORE - 'Get Ready' / 'Electrik Funk' - In Stores Now!

    iBreaks Funk Presents… WAVEWHORE - "Get Ready" / "Electrik Funk" Release date: April 23, 2012 - In Stores Now!!! Crashing in with his debut on iBreaks Funk is the mighty New York City-based producer Wavewhore, who drops two chunky floor-fillers that will confirm his place as one of the...
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    The new video for More Life is finally ready and has just been uploaded! :) Check it out here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoDu0bLSSVs