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    I know eh?
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    the Pentagon's version of the AT-AT

    I Will Fuck That Thing Up With My Turbo Lasers!
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    i'm stuck in the past!!!
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    it won't let me leave!
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    sumfin's rong...
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    i'm pulling a Kenny, again!!! "Just when I thought I was out..."
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    2090 is a round enough number to pull a Kenny of my own. 'Cause officially I hasn't. buh-bye!
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    k, I'm, like, totally new here, so say hello (please?) PART 2...

    I got killed. Goodnight everyone!
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    quotes from movies that leave an impact......

    right you are, and nice ones you picked too, a sign of a true conessieur...:D
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    quotes from movies that leave an impact......

    there is nothing I detest more than the stench of... lies... Brando in Apocalypse Now. fuck it dude, let's go bowling Goodman in Big Lebowski;)
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    Where The Hell Are YOU?

    This thread is the worst fucking case of garbage spewing I've seen here in a long time. If it wasn't for deep's contribution I'd print it out just so I can scrunch it and wipe my ass with it... bleh... "Patriotism is the vitrue of the vicious..." - Oscar Wilde, (as quoted by S.Connery in The...
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    The Towelie Thread *SouthPark*

    oh man, i have no idea wha's goin' on... I've been praising the virtues of Towelie back in October, but I'm glad people be catching on by now...;) Towelie-ban?
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    Stupid White Men...

    I had to tape his appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I loved the story on how during the post Sept.11 3 day airport shutdown a private Saudi jet was allowed to fly to 5 locations in the states to pick up 20 members of the Bin-Laden family to get them out of the country, despite FBIs...
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    Foreign Film Appreciation Thread

    if you're gonna see just one... Polish film, see Pigs (Psy, or Dogs as the cops are called in my homeland) Argentinian - Goldenballs (a nice small part by bel Toro in that one) Danish - The Celebration (nice strong subject matter and very well acted) Italian - Cinema Paradiso and Malena (ok...
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    re: the stupid fukin' banana shots: My resistance was futile. I got ambushed and forcefed. The jolt of potassium served me well, however, as I danced for many minutes at a time (possibly because of the music and the hype crowd) and I've discovered that if I ever had to be somebody's bitch, I...