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    Mike Gleeson : Bounce Live @ Footwork : April 7, 2012 - Funky House

    So this is my set opening up for Sonny Fodera last month. I've had a few people ask for this set so here it is, straight up. It's pretty much full on party music, recorded live, mistakes and all. It runs a little less than an hour. Enjoy! Mike Gleeson live at Bounce @ Footwork, April 7, 2012...
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    Sonny Fodera live at Bounce - April 7, 2012

    ha! found my set. gonna give it a quick listen tonight and post it up if it's all up to snuff
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    Sonny Fodera live at Bounce - April 7, 2012

    ^ can't seem to grab it off the footwork ftp site for some reason. if i can, i'll post it. that said, i probably played about half the tracks here in this set, so it's 'kinda' like what i played at footwork? sorta anyway...
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    Sonny Fodera live at Bounce - April 7, 2012

    Funky house party music right here. This is Sonny's set live from our party at Footwork, where he smashed it! http://soundcloud.com/sonnyfodera/sonny-fodera-live Tracklisting? You'd have to ask Sonny! Bounce House
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    Mike Gleeson - Bounce Springs Sessions 2012 - Funky House

    danka! looking forward to saturday brosefs!
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    Mike Gleeson - Bounce Springs Sessions 2012 - Funky House

    The summery weather we've had recently inspired me to dig up some super disco, funky house tracks and put together this mix right here. Seemed like the perfect time and in keeping with the good times theme, it's pretty much a full on party type mix; nothing too subtle but tons of fun. Hope to...
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    Bumpin' 2011: bumpin' house y'all!

    thanks guys! glad to hear you're interested. by the by, a few of the tracks there are as yet unreleased, and in particular, since i've had a few people ask about it, the Damian Definite track will be released on Flapjack. Not sure when really, but just fyi!
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    Bumpin' 2011: bumpin' house y'all!

    Well those of you remember back to the Bumpin' series of mixes I did years ago will know what this is gonna be all about, and for everybody else: funky shit pretty much all the way through. Nothing too brow-furrowing with this, just jams mixed up and spit back out. Enjoy! Bumpin' 2011 |...
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    bounce @ keating rain edition!

    Thanks guys! It's that people and the spirit they bring that really make this party and that alone makes it worthwhile, and this one really showed that in spades. From the djs to the patrons, we couldn't ask for any better! As luck would have it, the entire day and night was recorded. So if...
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    1980's Dj Mix Volume 2 - Mike Gleeson

    A few years back I did a mix of 80's pop tunes, and since then I've had a lot of requests for a sequel. I always meant to do another, so and I finally got around to it, so here we go. Now if you're looking for subtlety, good taste, and sophistication, why the hell would you have even...
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    1980's Dj Mix Volume 1 - Mike Gleeson

    right, i've finally got around to doing a volume 2. i'll post up the mix soon:
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    bounce @ keating channel

    Great times once again! It's such a treat to see so many smiling faces. Since we're on the subject of techno, i have to say I was surprised and quite happy with what Jamie played. Truth be told it was a deep house set more than anything - Andre Lodmann, Jimpster, Maceo Plex, just groovy ish...
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    SNEAK @ Bounce by the lake

    yup. basically just mine and Preacherman's didn't. just waiting to hear from Sneak about posting it up. he's been a bit busy as of late over yonder pond, but hopefully i'll get the ok for it soon!
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    SNEAK @ Bounce by the lake

    Dave Allison live at Bounce by the Lake Dave played a smokin opening set imo. If you like deep disco grooves, jump on this shit: Dave Allison live at Bounce by the Lake - 2011