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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    i know i shouldn't complain cause i just had a super long vacation but man is it ever hard to go back to work!! week two of the school year always feels brutally long. thank goodness for short recess breaks or i'd be dying.
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    The DNC

    ultimately the united states want a change. if enough people get out there and vote then it will happen. debates and speeches have an impact but just like when we get sick of one group we vote for the other they will do the same.
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    The DNC

    i totally knew this would happen! it's the only way that the republicans have any hope. they have to swing the clinton supporters their way and have a female vp is a good call. of course she supports drilling for oil in alaska so that might hinder them a bit.
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    when a friend's boyfriend cheats...

    i totally agree with this! that way you can spend time with your friend and not have to spend time with her bf if that makes you uncomfortable. it's never easy to be either the friend in the relationship or the friend looking in on the relationship. hopefully you can just be there for her and...
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    Naturopathic Medicine - What's the Skinny?

    i like how naturopaths look at the whole picture of your life and not just the small symptoms. i had a crazy skin rash that doctors did nothing for and the only thing that helped was a naturopathic remedy. i like to look into all my options when dealing with health issues and choose the one that...
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    The DNC

    obama seems to want to cover a lot of issues and tells america he is the voice for change but my question is whether the democrats could have run anyone on this platform and still made the same impact? the country is so sick of the republicans that they want a democrat to win so does it matter...
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    i think i might actuallu be ready for my new class on tuesday :) my class is looking pretty and i drew a fantastic sign for my door with the lorax theme!! yahooooo.
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    i have a total love hate relationship with the ttc. this morning i strolled to the stop to head east on queen/kingston road and in 2 mins it came and 20 mins later i was at work! then today i left work at 2:33 and and finally at 3:19 the streetcar came!! ridiculous.
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    Going OFF the birth control pill

    i went off the pill after feeling like it was making me way more emotional than i needed to be. tried to go on the nuvaring but that totally decreased my sex drive so i am now once again hormone free. i love it. i love knowing that the things my body are doing are because of the hormones i...
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    Nobody Cares Girly Edition

    going to go to the st lawrence market soon :) i loooove that place. it's so fun to wander around and i love getting great produce for good prices.
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    sunshine!! yahoooo. and just three more days til i'm in algonquin park :D
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    The Sample Sales/Other Clothing Sales Thread!

    oh no! why did you tell me about the girl friday sale? i'm going to that hood today. must try to resist the spending.
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    The HAIR Thread!

    i am so loving the long hair but i feel like with the heat all i ever do is wear it up! any recommendations on fun up do's?
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    Nobody Cares Girly Edition

    i went to the mall today and despite all the sales going on i only bought a travel book and one novel plus all the bday gifts for my nephews and niece who all have birthdays coming up soon. yay me! ps it's only cause i spent too much money on betsy johnson pj's
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    zee countdown thread

    six more sleeps til algonquin park :) yay nature time!!