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    Jeff's been moved to the 19th info will be out soon.
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    Simply Jeff December 12th!
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    Wow, I had no idea you all cared so much. I know promo has been lacking but it is not worth it to do things in the summer at Fever. There is promo coming but the breaks community is not as strong as it was, so it's hard to get things going again, especially in Hamilton? I think I heard...
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    Jungle Mc's should know there Place!!*@!!"#!!

    That's funny, I was talking with some people on Friday about the same thing. I think there are alot of quality MC's out there but there are alot of aspiring MC's who come out and blather into the mic, they need more practice, I think they should have there lyrics taped and then force them to...
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    Meat Katie

    I stand corrected.
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    Meat Katie

    He was actually down in Hamilton last summer, Klaus is a very nice guy and a great DJ, I was not aware of getting Shack with him for free at all.
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    anyone interested?

    Hey I am currently organizing a charity breaks event for May, it will be a patio event and very cheap cover with bbq. Any breaks related companies that want to be involved or any breaks dj's that are willing to give there services are invited to take part. I am hoping that we can in some way...
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    List of breaks promoters/radio shows/etc...

    There is no Backbreakers anymore. There is a new breakbeat company in Hamilton though, Covert Beats. Check out our up and coming breaks events
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    funkNstyle - "the future of funk"

    incase anyone interested the man himself, Funk-N-Style is spinning at Fever this Friday February 28th. And beers are $2.50 b4midnight
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    Looking for Robb G

    thats backbreakers_prod@yahoo.ca
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    Looking for Robb G

    Hey Rob could you email me @ backbreakers_prod@yahoo.ca
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    looking for lee osborne

    I don't see it email me backbreakers_prod@yahoo.ca.
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    looking for lee osborne

    hey Lee, need your email address to try and book you for a gig. todd Backbreakers
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    Del The Funky Homosapian

    Just in case anyone likes good hio-hop Del and People Under The Stairs are @ the Opera House on Sat. Nov. 2nd peace
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    Andrew Spence

    Not for a couple of month's at least. He was in Hamilton a month or so ago.