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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    While I'm at it, here's a few others I've been diggin lately. A little dated by now - sorry if they've been posted already, but I haven't been here in a while... RAM - RAMsterdam (Jorn van deynhoven remix) ILk66WYWI8I Roger Shah vs Signum - Healesville Sanctuary (Signum Mix) aMXlSX4XBqQ...
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    d'oh... for got to mention - ^^^^^ Dave Schiemann - Toddler ^^^^^ (Youtube title wasn't showing up for some reason)
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    Really cool techy sound on this one. Supposed release date is Nov. 8? 6GsGwQXHZg4
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    anyone been listening to Sean Tyas lately? he's turning out some solid trance-in-my-underpants tunes and remixes - some bordering on techy, some just straight-up uplifting: Seven Weeks: Paul Webster feat. Amanda - Time (Sean Tyas Dub)
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    so...thats what i'll get for waking up in vegas?...

    Guy Savoy and Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill are both at Caesar's Palace. The goal is to win $500-$600 gambling, then treat yourself to a meal at Guy Savoy (I managed to do it on slots). Mesa Grill is priced a little more reasonably (especially if you go there for lunch) but also really good. Also...
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    Beers of Summer

    YES. Definitely one of my favourite summer beers. Also a fan of Amsterdam Blonde in the summer months. The Comrade near Queen and Broadview also has Chambly Noir, which has similar light characteristics as Blanche de Chambly but with a bit more nutty dark flavour to it... good stuff.
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    air-purifying light bulbs

    I would definitely be interested in purchasing such a device. My toast has really been getting me down lately.
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    Honey appreciation thread.

    mmmm pears poached in chardonnay and honey, then reduce the poaching liquid to make it a nice syrup... the honey guy downstairs at St. Lawrence Market has tons of delicious honeys and will give you samples of all of them.
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    Cleanse advice wanted

    Christ if you've got IBS you're probably cleaner than the rest of us. Cleanses are bullshit.
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    $300K Mortgage $150K Line of Credit The LOC was my wife's student LOC, then we locked it at prime once she finished school. We're making pretty substantial monthly payments on it but since both of us are somewhat recently self-employed it's been difficult to make much of a dent in it due to...
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    COD World @ War

    fuck that - the only war worth fighting is a war where you get to kill nazis (AND their genetically-engineered super-soldiers). although zombies and aliens are fun to kill too. they should make a game in outerspace with alien nazis who come back to life after you kill them!
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    Restaurant Industry!

    this needs a REWIND!
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    travel clinic shots you need before travel?

    Both good advice (although I can't vouch for the travel doctor recommended). Get the dukoral if money is no object or if you have benefits that will cover it. As far as antibiotics are concerned - if you can, get a couple of doses of Cipro prescribed. it's a wide-ranging, powerful antibiotic...
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    I must be out of my F'n mind.

    yeah you're right it's totally impossible :rolleyes: there are plenty of ways to travel when it seems impossible if the will is there. take a summer off, take a semester off, etc. in the long run travelling is almost always worth the sacrifice whether financial or otherwise...
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    I must be out of my F'n mind.

    Travel. Go somewhere that's going to give you some perspective - something far removed from the Western way of life. Try places like Morocco, India, China, that kind of thing. Culture shock can be a positive influence.