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    Fitness question: Kettlebells - where to buy?

    I want to buy a 36lb kettlebell. Any places in the GTA sell them? Online maybe? Sportchek didn't have them.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    Where is the best place to watch MMA videos online?
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    The Chinese are Monsters

    I just married a Chinese girl. I can't wait to have lots of little mixed breed monsters. On the way to Grandpa and Grandma's (zufumu nar!) we're gonna stop and eat some dog too! It's true, they eat dog. I took this picture myself, and then ate some. But if you see the poverty they...
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    How do I view hidden files on a flash card?

    I bought some audio lessons on a flash card. The only visible file on the card is the 'media player', which is 700 kb big, and the capacity of the card is 59 MB from what I see in Computer Management, and it's full. There are no hidden partitions. How do I view the media files? I want to...
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    FS: house/techno/(some)breaks records

    300 records for $200 OBO Want to sell as a lot I don't want to list them, but... 2001-2004 house/tech-house/techno/a little breaks, harder and funkier flavored Labels include Bush, Primate, Player Artists include Mistress Barbara, Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, Jelo I live...
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    IT at my office sucks

    hmmm....(if you know me you are probably smirking right now...) there is a program called Circumventor. Google it. Never tried it, but basically (to my minimal research and understanding) you need a computer that is offsite, on, connected, and you bounce off that.
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    If I remember correctly sometimes the emails take a few days because hotmail/yahoo block them somewhat. Maybe it was another board, but the registration emails get delayed
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    we love cox

    Not worth the $25 to get in. I wish I didn't find it so boring. :(
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    Anthony Attalla :: put your hands up...for Cleveland!!!

    I first stumbled upon him in the spring at his residency in Cleveland. I saw him at Beba and stumbled out. He played more of a punchy hard house sound, I was expecting more of the down and dirty electro basslines from the first time I saw him and from the demo cd I picked up down there. Still...
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    The soup that cured at Harvest Festival 2006

    Awesome party once again. RIDE was there when I arrived about 10ish. Yes the psy trance tent rocked.
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    ha ha ha, dj assault.....I'm drunk

    Still drunk when I made it to work at 10 Can't say it was the best party. The opening dj sucked (imo). But if you didn't have fun you didn't drink enough and expected too much in the first place.
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    MSN Messenger, minus all the garbage

    There is no other god but Allah, and MSN is his messenger But seriously, Can you take out the tabs so only a few that you want are showing???? (like the MSN Finance one for instance)
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    MSN & mystery randoms adding you

    I've been getting people from message boards in China adding me. WTF
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    g2p.org - Who's the RIAA gonna sue for this one?

    Use google to find Mp3s, works ok. Comments? http://g2p.org/ While many people are rightly watching MySpace's plan to to sell music from unsigned artists directly to consumers, they may be overlooking another challenge to the major labels: G2P What? Never heard of G2P? You will...
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    I wanna hear this too.... PM me with a yousendit dot com link or something like that and I'll host this. God knows I've got enough unused bandwith :rolleyes: