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    Allen & Heath Xone:62

    almost forgot: If interested, email adamduke_at_gmail_dot_com
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    Allen & Heath Xone:62

    Perfect condition Used in smoke-free, home studio Best mixer I've ever owned, hands-down. If the bombs ever fall, I'm sure this thing will keep working - the thing is built like a tank. I've moved in a different direction musically and need to re-arrange my studio - I'm just not using...
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    Tbq 2010

    Had an awesome time - great music all around and definitely a ton of faces I don't get to see often enough (my fault entirely). WEATHER WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Big thanks to Toby for the delicious hunk of meat I was passed during playing (sorry for greasing the CDJ's as a result!) and to Eric...
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    AdamDuke >>>Phase One Radio mix >>> july2010

    ..thanks for the nod, Pauze!
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    AdamDuke >>>Phase One Radio mix >>> july2010

    http://soundcloud.com/adamduke/adamduke-july2010mix-phaseoneradio Long time, no squeek... ;) tracklisting>>> the mind – ryo murakami bring it down (alex medina) – someone else monkey sun (yapacc) – souki escarcha en el cesped – omar salgado straight into the wall (yapacc) – reynold...
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    Bacon Recall!

    For the record, I had to get lawyers involved a few years back regarding 'Pillars' products. I bit down into my lunchmeat sandwich and broke off some of a tooth on A BUCKSHOT. They seemed to have no idea how it got there...and I'm pretty sure shooting animals is a legally unacceptable way of...
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    Keep it rollin'...

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    The prodigy are back

    just listened to their new album....this is going to be a kick ass show!
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    Anyone used VIPeers for torrent uploading?

    Admittedly, I haven't uploaded before, but while everything seems hunky dory on my file on mininova, (i uploaded to VIPeers, then it give you the link to put it directly on mininova through its own system) it's been telling me that there are 0 peers for hours now....have i done something wrong?
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    Tempo 3 year--someone else

    very going. People should be going nuts - Someone Else is incredible...
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    Modeselektor @ the social...... QUOI QUOI !

    great time - packed party! Hey Jai! Can't believe I didn't run into you!!??
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    What else r u listn 2 other than beats?

    i've been listening to: Fennesz Pola The Flashbulb Jack Conte
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    quantum of suck

    I'm with Mike on this. Anyone who says there was no plot, simply wasn't paying attention. Maybe it was too heady for the majority.. And I've been watching Bond films since I was 6.
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    quantum of suck

    I've been a Bond Fan since I popped into this world....through thick and thin... Yes, everyone can agree that Casino Royale was amazing and reinvigorated the flailing franchise. Great! This is not Casino Royale, but then, IT CAN'T BE. This is probably the most well-rounded Bond to date...
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    Congrats to Monika and Robb G!

    Hooo-ah! Man Child!!!