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    I'm in Budapest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didnt really have the time of my life there but that might be because it was aprox 12-15 degrees in the middle of fucking august and it was raining constantly, and i only had tshirts with me. that sucked. oh well...maybe next time
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    40 man errors in the bed. Enjoy The Read :)

    Wow! it all makes sense now!!!
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    Canada to Receive Nationwide Wireless Broadband

    ZOMFG this is so awsome but also will be so expensive!
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    WHITE POWER! "i dont have a beef with you, i have a beef with your people."

    fuck! after seeing the rest of his shit i wanna punch that guy till my knuckles break... what a fucktard! fuck that shit just put me in a bad mood
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    i miss toronto

    Two years away now and every day i think about the damn city! Main thing i miss is the diversity in everything... You cannot find ragga jungle in europe if your life depended on it. godamn toronto is awsome. fuck all the haters! the snow of toronto is better than the rain of milan...
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    VOYTEK + OTIS - protocol:legacies - -= 10 HOUR Trance Mixset! =-

    Damnit! I'm months late... but would anyone be kind enough to send this to me?? i would really be down for some trancey goodness!
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    YTV is officially a great station.

    naruto is worse than crack cocaine! but i love it so much. started watching it last week and im already on episode 97! and i have so much other shit to do!!!! important shit!!
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    How do you become computer savvy?

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    How do you become computer savvy?

    Read the help files... always! :P try and build your own computer from parts and try to answer your own questions by searching online instead of just going to somebody and saying: here fix this for me.
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    New Orleans....

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    Photoshop resources...

    Google photoshop tutorials, You'll find tons of stuff! If you are willing to pay (or.... do the unmentionable*) check out http://www.lynda.com/ *www.thepiratebay.com
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    OKAY.... and i thought *I* was an eccentric when it comes to dressing up...

    By the way, that chick is more of a gamer (which gives me an insta boner) than a an otaku! most of her costumes are from square enix games!
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    be mentally ready??

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    Ahem.. "Street Racing Crackdown"...

    Re: Re: Ahem.. "Street Racing Crackdown"... I caught it as "a (driver's) license(,) to kill." A bit melodramatic, but i saw it more as a play on words than a grammar error.