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Recent content by Acidman

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    Super clean Pioneer DJM 600 DJ Mixer for $849

    I have a super clean DJM 600 Black Dj mixer for sale. This item has never been to club environment, always used in my studio with dust cover and has been taken care of really really well. There's no scratches on the body, and the knobs and faders are very healthy. The unit looks very brand new...
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    European DEMF Overthow? (Bloc 2008)

    Andy Stott would be awesome. He plays the best stuff ever.
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    Lets hear next Year's Booking Request...

    Book these guys please, they have been pushing the limits for a while now. Falko Brocksieper Tanzmann Dapayk Samim Bluetech
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    powerful amp and DJ speakers for sale...

    the speakers are 100 watts RMS
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    powerful amp and DJ speakers for sale...

    Hi friends, I am selling two very clean Gemini speakers (GSM 1250) and a Pyramid PA600X 600W amp. These stuff were purchased a year ago for use in my basement but now I have moved to apartment so I don't need them anymore...all very clean and well maintained. two speakers and an the amp all...
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    Very Clean CDJ 1000 MKII for sale

    Sold The CDJ is sold.... not available anymore
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    Very Clean CDJ 1000 MKII for sale

    Price Droped on CDJ 1000 MKII (Hurry) willing to sell for $900 or best offer...
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    Very Clean CDJ 1000 MKII for sale

    I have a very very clean CDJ 1000MKII for sale, comes with box, manuals and all cables... Asking $1000 please call: Mazi 416-876-4883 cheers,
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    Partialsound Promo Mix - March 2007 - Deep&Melodic Minimal

    Hi friends, here is a Partialsound (roozbeh & maziar) promo mix recorded on march 30 2007. includes some classics, some deep and melodic minimal as well as some detroit influenced techno. enjoy the soul! [21 tracks, 77 minutes , 141 MB, 256 kbps]...
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    Another CDJ 1000 MK2 very new for sale!

    Hi friends, Here is another CDJ 1000 MK2 for sale. this one is also very clean with boxes and everything. Im selling it for 1000$. PM me here or send an email to roozbeh@partialsound.com if you are interested ;)
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    Labels that rock your boat right now

    Forward thinking labels that bring soul, melody, deepness and funk such as: Sub Static, Cadenza, Resopal, Moon Harbour, Shiktapult, Karat, Tunning Spork, Soma and Perlon.
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    Pinoneer CDJ 1000 MK2 Clean for Sale!

    i sold u what i bought. dont think i ever recieved a memory card when bought it. ... :( but this MK2 comes with a memory card. so let me kno if you are interested. :cool:
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    Pinoneer CDJ 1000 MK2 Clean for Sale!

    Right wiseman, I can defintely hook you up with a free pic.
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    Pinoneer CDJ 1000 MK2 Clean for Sale!

    Sorry forgot to mention the price :D Im asking for 1000$. CDJ 1000 MK2 almost like new with box and everything.
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    Pinoneer CDJ 1000 MK2 Clean for Sale!

    Im selling my CDJ1000 for a good price. Its MK2 very clean with box and everything. Message if you are interested. ;)