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    Venue for a going away party?

    Charlotte Room. King & Charlotte St.
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    Bud Bundy arrested on bud charges

    No Ma'am
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    pure jokes, guy!

    What's the difference between a microwave and a prostitute? There isn't a microwave buried in my backyard.
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    Daft Punk - Arrow Hall

    I heard they're not even real robots.
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    Some of the weirdest films ever...

    Titanic was fucked.
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    South of the Border Success

    Will Arnett
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    Got Lightshow? Too Funny! LOL

    "When i was at Guvernment when BT was supposed to come but didnt, but pete tong still was amazing, i gave like 20 lightshows, about 5 people sat through the whole thing...the rest made me stop, said they were trippin out to badly" Awesome.
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    New meaning of the word 'Motherf*cker'

    I do believe that's the old meaning of the word motherfucker.
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    SVD Bootleg of Arctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down.
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    where to meet guys who have marriage potential?

    In Soviet Russia guys with marriage potential find YOU.
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    sounds like it involves cube vans and raping

    Yup. Either a raping or a pyramid scheme.
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    Movies that guarantee sex

    The last scene in Bloodsport when JCVD tells his large male American friend that he loves him and gives him a hearty man-shake did it for me.
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    Virgin Festival @ Toronto Island Park

    I just got an e-mail from Emerge confirming the Strokes. Day 2 just got a little sweeter. It's awesome having tickets to an already awesome show that more bands get added to. Oh, and Muse has been added to day 1 as well.
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    TRIBE is showing ALL posts as yesterday

    It's just Tribe's way of timelining everyone simultaneously.
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    Ken from Utah on Jeopardy