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    2thebeat :(

    I thought I was banned from this board ever since I answered Mona's question about where the afterparty for Dr. Trance's retirement boat cruise. Who knew? Regardless, thank you all very much for taking the time out to say something. It is not an easy decision and I do not make it lightly...
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    Happy 30th Bobby Thrust of 2 The Beat!

    Cheers for the bday wishes. I guess my present from Toronto is that I do not appear to be banned anymore? Keep in mind those pictures give me great memories of great nights. One can not feel shame if they are shameless.
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    Footwork and Afterlife, Wednesday August 10th

    This Wednesday was easily my favourite Activate party there to date. I spent some time on the dancefloor. When Deko-ze dropped the Switch remix of the Body Rockers tracks, I was very pleased. Very very dope track. Billie's Birthday crew rocked. And it reminded us that shots are also...
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    D-Monic is

    When Kevin goes shopping for a new jacket, you can be sure he takes it in the brown.
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    Tim Patrick @ Bassment in Belgrade

    Tim Patrick is truly a dj's dj.
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    Glastonbury Festival 2005

    When we asked before the festival if we needed to bring passports, the Geezer told us "i am fucking anarchist, mate." Upon arrival at the door, he told the staff "you don't need to see our identification" to which the security replied "we don't need to see your identification, move along"...
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    Labour Of Love Iv

    I read an incorrect comment about Krafty Kuts playing this party....whoops! That does not change the goodness of breaks in a rooftop envirnoment. I hope it is still shorts weather!
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    Labour Of Love Iv

    After a 2 year hiautus, the amazing breaks line up on Skybar has brought me back. There are some djs that you can not see enough times and Atomic Hooligan is definitely one of those djs. Along with Krafty Kuts and Evil 9 and no roof top, I see a good night coming!
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    Wemf (?)

    DUSTIN IS A RIOT Saw Dustin after R.I.T.M. check for the cop without shoes in pictures which should be posted. For those of you playing at home costumes included... 1) Mad man with a camera stick, "look into my eyes" 2) Green monster with extended arms and super giant bouncy ball 3)...
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    Wemf (?)

    It was a bit sad that so many of my friends chose to only go up Saturday since they missed excellent sets from Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer and Android. It was nice to be able to drink on site again. I did not even know where the liscenced drinking area was since I did not have to...
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    Glastonbury Festival 2005

    G Love and Special Sauce! Proper festival music!
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    It's All Gone Pete Tong!

    Great movie! It is rare that I walk out of a movie saying "Ferry Corsten sounds really good." Without revealing anything, it is a painful/hilarious/heartwarming/headonistic good time. It does a nice visual representation of mixing too which is especially cool for people don't totally...
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    anyone? NEW Activate wednesdays?

    Thursday morning was very difficult to handle. A sign of a good wednesday night. I will remember to bring the banner next time...damn sponsor thinking more about drinking than about marketing. Of all the words ending in 'ing' I would say 'drink' is the most important one used in this post...
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    how good was AN-DER-SIN??

    biggest airplane i have seen in some time
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    how good was AN-DER-SIN??

    Dope as fuck tracks. Not too much of the crowd that knows Chris Anderson seemed to be there which is too bad because they missed out on a crackin dj. Hopefully we do not have to wait so long between visits next time around!