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    Breakdancing lessons.

    I TEACH BREAKDANCE!!! it's true! it's true!! every Saturday from 4pm - 5:30pm Dancing On King studio Located at 79 King Street East (King and Church) $15 per class If you sign up for the month, you get a discount on the per class rate and a chance to win prizes from our various...
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    they're bringing aquasky!!!!

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    The finalists for Empire's 'ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT' are...

    kRswMk my money's with tella on this one.. DS-1 :cool:
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    LeMOn D & dILLinJA

    Dillinja and Lemon D tear shit up! 'nuff said about dillinja and lemon d in my title.. i had a kickass time... it was my first night out in months and well worth it too. and... nuff respect to l natural too! mc p is alright, but c'mon! as far as jungle mc's go, l natural is where it's at.
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    Hip Hop & Jungle this Thursday @ the Rivoli

    :p hey slut! how did it go last nite?
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    any reviews on the "flava saturday" yet?

    Flava is tha' shiznit!!!! Wicked venue, vibes, and people! Go Flava!!!!
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    I fully enjoyed Total Science last night ... but I do have to agree with everyone that our locals (Lush in the case of last night) are equally as competent and skilled as out-of-town dj's from the UK. Still, I find it a treat to be able to see UK dj's and that promoters bring them here...
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    Code Red: Nicky Blackmarket @ Palais Royale

    Aight .. seeing as how it's 7pm on Sunday afternoon and no one's taken the initiative to write up a review I'll do my best (even tho' I'm not the best 'reviewer').. I got to the party @ 11pm -- saw Lush and Natural start off my night with a wicked set! Pure chunes! Couldn't help but shake my...
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    Total Science @ Turbo

    I'm posting my review on Total Science in this thread cuz I'm not interested in Max Graham at all. TOTAL SCIENCE ROCKED MY WORLD! For Real!! I have been waiting for soooooo long to see these guys and I was soooooo impressed! Asides from the bass that actually physically hurt to listen to (my...
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    Shy FX @ NASA

    Shy FX is pure vibes! The guy's got pure style and rhythm. I got to see him 3 times while he was in the t.dot this time 'round -- Renegades, Eastern Bloc, and NASA. Of all three places, I'd have to say NASA was his best performance. Renegades -- mixing was up to standard and even...
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    Renegades 4 Year @Digital

    Hey Club Digital -- I want my marker back dammit! Haha! Just kidding. Although my marker was taken from me at the door because I apparently look like some talented graffiti artist and there's so much to graffiti inside club Digital considering the walls are BLACK! but anyways... I hate b2b...
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    J MAJIK @Turbo

    aight aight, check this out: seeing j majik, i was bored! i wasn't even paying attention to the needle skipping (but i did hear it), i just wasn't impressed at all with j's track selection. he'd drop a good tune here and there that i was into, and then for 20 minutes it just sounded like...
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    DJ Freedom @Turbo Jan.19

    no, not an 'off evening', more like a lifetime off, or a profession off. 3 words of advice: give it up rudegal
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    Hustlin' Beats @ Opera House

    I totally had a wicked time at the party. I love the vibes that the G-Squad bring to the decks with them. Pure positive. The only single downside to my night was hearing that Christina Aguilera mix. What was that???!!! It was like trying to listen to jungle while someone is scratching a...