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so is anyone watching degrassi right now?

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"Cut" Pills

I understand the flaws inherent in those pill testing kits. But really, you have to consider the likelihood of finding a dangerous adulterant. Aside from PMA, what other orally active chemicals could be added to a pill that would pose a serious health risk? As mentioned, the most serious risk is from taking too many pills, too quickly ... in which case, adulterants or not, you are acting dangerously.

Sure, it's unpleasant being on K in a club when you expect MDMA. It's also unpleasant being ripped off with a caffeine pill. But ultimately, aside from ruining your night, the chances of actually dying from a "cut" pill are really slim.

Testing kits are still handy for determining whether or not you will get that desired E buzz from a pill (well, at least you have the potential), and somehow I think a lot of regular pill-poppers are probably more concerned about this. Let's be honest and admit that testing kits are not strictly a harm-reduction tool, but also an entertainment enhancing tool.
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Classic line from last night's episode ...

"Don't you know that E leads to harder things? LIKE MY FIST?!"

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Originally posted by vox
Degrassi has had problems getting the size of drugs right before. i remember that old episode in which the guy takes a hit of acid before heading into a concert (and consequently off a bridge). This hit was like the size of five or six blotters put together. I saw the episode later on as a re-run and laughed my ass off.
ahaha... totally. When I first saw the episode the hit of acid was the size of a stick of juicyfruit.

He must have been tripping pretty hard to fall of that bridge. Oh Shane... what kind of role model are you to your little daughter in Spike's belly...

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