you're listening to wha??? are you nuts?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by lift, Nov 16, 2001.

  1. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    just finished w/ the luke fair digweed kiss mix...really nice...& now have legends (juan atkins) warming me up on a pre deep dish saturday evening...

  2. Trini

    Trini TRIBE Member

    dope smugglaz - The World
  3. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member


  4. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    "Nubreed - Live @ Gatecrasher SS, Melbourne Park 2001"

    Very interesting live PA plus dj set by the group.

    Rough and incomplete tracklisting:
    1 Nubreed - Midi Killa
    2 Nubreed - Hardarse [7:30]
    3* Nubreed - ??? ("Get to know yourself", "Run with me") [11:30]
    4* unknown-[16:25]
    5 *Bjork - Hyperballad (Nubreed edit?) [21:40]
    6 *unknown sounds NE2 stylee [26:00]
    7 Nubreed - Welcome [31:45]
    8 Nubreed - Childsplay [37:15]
    9 Nubreed - Sleeping With The Enemy [47:00]
    10 *Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak on (some DnB remix) [52:35]


    i think i listened to Cher's Greatest Hits Cd about nine million times at my parents house this weekend. i actually surprised myself waking up to it in my head this morning...yarg.
  6. matty

    matty TRIBE Member

    Vincent Gallo - When (Warp)

    This album is satisfying my craving for next generation indy rock right now. I believe Vincent was the director of the movie Buffalo 66, as well as doing the soundtrack possibly. Interesting record of acoustic guitar, analogue percussion, and haunting vocals.
  7. rswbrixton

    rswbrixton TRIBE Member

    BPM Magazine & Moonshine records release ... That Trance Mix ,the Best in Uplifting and Hard Trance . Made a 2 hour drive in the car this afternoon a quick trip , not bad .
  8. aether

    aether TRIBE Member

    princess superstar, princes superstar is - funy stuff, crazy lyrical skills despite being a white girl.

    kool keith, sex style - buahaha, so obscene

    i'm in a weird sort of hip-hop mood right now.
  9. lift

    lift TRIBE Member

    saeed & palash (in celebration of last night's triumph)

    some set off of
  10. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Misstress Barbara's Essential Mix

    Pretty nice, I've skipped through it and liked the tracks I happened upon so I'm giving it a proper full listen now.
  11. Sander Kleinenberg - Triple JJJ mixup - Gatecrasher Soundsystem mix

    From the Ministry of wow..

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  12. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Whoa.. the last track is listed as "Adam Bayer - Patches" and DAMN is it good!!!!
  13. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    I was watching that the other day...very absorbing when your high.Vincent gallo in this reminds him of me a little,a bit overdramatic and naurotic and very absorbed in his own feelings...a very satisfying movie

    would like to hear his music too
  14. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member


  15. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    ARGH, while indeed patches is a nice track, it is not the track that she closed out with. If anyone knows what it is could you please post it [​IMG]
  16. He directed Buffalo 66, I think he had a hand in the soundtrack.

    From the Ministry of Christina Ricci - rowr.

    Prime Minsiter Highsteppa
  17. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    never trust the tracklists posted on radio 1's website. I swear they must have someone's retarded cousin doing them.
  18. noahmintz

    noahmintz Well-Known Member

    I'm listening to Just Jungle ... I haven't listened to it in over a year ... MC Trigger is on the show

  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm listening to the peace division mix of roaches.
    Wicked tune, I've wanted it for so long and finally got it today.
  20. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    dave clarke - world service disc 2 (electro)

    because monday mornings are freaky...

    anyone else having difficulty with audiogalaxy the last couple of days? my satellite keeps dying, and i can't reach the website. :-(

    i _need_ the misstress barbara e-mix already!
  21. matty

    matty TRIBE Member

    The New Deal - Self title (Jive)

    Finally decided to seek this out and see what all the fuss was about. Not bad. Saw these guys in Guelph once and I really respect any musician who can jam the way they do and keep it so tight. As for the album, well I can dig it but I think they are a band that really shines in live situations.
  22. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    some sexy UKG mix that CC lent me... [​IMG]

  23. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    slam live @ bugged out weekender - essential mix

    2nd hour -- whoa!
  24. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    this misstress e-mix is rockin.
  25. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    it's still queued on audiogalaxy. [​IMG]

    but i'm listening to andy c @ freakin 2000

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