Who here has had a ROTI before ????

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by whitelabel_tm, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    The best Roti I've had in Toronto is at that little place in Parkdale, on Queen just west of Brock (Dufferin) - I forget what it's called though...

    ...le kid
  2. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Albert's Real Jamaican Food

    St-Clair & Vaughn.

    Pure roti goodness. [​IMG]

  3. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known Member

    I like my roti extra, extra spicy...

    I call it an "ethnic cleansing".
  4. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    There's also Malaysian roti. Mmmmmmmm...
  5. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    There's also Malaysian roti. Mmmmmmmm...
  6. Lurch

    Lurch TRIBE Member

    Come on pete its only good cause its so damn close to your place.....the food there is not bad but its deffinetly not the best. I went there 2 months ago and one the way out I walked past Choclair and had to laugh when him and his pals went into Harvey's instead.
  7. RJ45

    RJ45 TRIBE Member

    Roti = good.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was brought up on roti too , havng a guyanese grandmother [​IMG]
  9. mutslaster

    mutslaster TRIBE Member

    that's BACCHUS. i think. it's west of dufferin on queen


    too bad the fuckers won't deliver to where i live.
  10. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    it's all about the Curry Chicken Roti at Gandhi (Queen and Bathurst)
  11. doodlebug

    doodlebug TRIBE Member

    Albert's is over-rated.. the food is okay, but definatley not the best. one of my favourite places for caribbean food is Nice n' Nuff at yonge and wellesley... yumm [​IMG]
  12. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    roti is the tortilla thing
    a roti dish normally comprises of curried chicken/beef/lamb/goat with potatos and carrots and such
    the bones are inevitable, live with it.
    served in a bowl, swimming in curry sauce [​IMG]
    roti is placed on the side, with fried beans and plantains [​IMG]

    best place in k-w that i know of for good cheap roti is cusca-jamai
    its in the plaza where the surf shop used to be in kitchener, by rockway gardens.

  13. PeterNomad

    PeterNomad TRIBE Member

    Hey Miggz

    come down to the show on monday and we will have a roti feast!!!


  14. willis

    willis TRIBE Member

    Nothing like a fat plate of roti, ox tail and dumplings with an ice cold carib
  15. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    Hmmm, Roti so good!

    I've had a few shares of this in my lifetime.
    Nothing beats Albert's on Queen @ 3am drunken state [​IMG]

  16. Trini

    Trini TRIBE Member

    I'm brown; nuff said.

  17. MiracleFish

    MiracleFish TRIBE Member

    pumpkin rotis rock too!!
    Have you ever had a double?
    Now that's good eatin'
  18. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    Will do!
    And yes.. we will eat the ROTI while were on AIR!
    he he he
  19. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    i've just registered a domain name called:


    it will be up and running in 2 roti days...
    guess what the website content will consist of?
    ~~~R O T I~~~~~


    Check back next month, for another fantastic episode...of the man who we call R O T I!



    (Aka ROTI)
  20. Lurch

    Lurch TRIBE Member

    Ok my world is weird and wonderful place....one of the guys that works in my plant comes into my office on his day of and gives me a roti!!!! WTF!!!! This talking about something one minute and the next minute it happens is toooooooo freakin weird.
  21. dicksherwood

    dicksherwood TRIBE Member

    mmm...roti...West Indies people know what to do with lamb....so tasty
  22. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    The R...The O... The T... The I...
    It's ROTI....It's Roti....
  23. jynx

    jynx TRIBE Member

    Yes, indeed we do!!!!
    Potato roti is the bestest.....but I can't really stand roti anymore since I've been eating it all my life.....get pretty sick of it after a while, except for the potato roti, can't get enough of that..
  24. T_Dot_House

    T_Dot_House TRIBE Member

    I'm Guyanese and my mom makes the best roti & curry. Nuff said!


    Sean B [​IMG]
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Where the hell do you people get off thinking roti is a caribbean or west indian thing. East Indian people came up with naan and roti, west indian people are originally from india they brought it over but they changed it a little by putting daul in it. Caribbean or black people just started eating because it taste good. There are facts on roti, and I don't want any white boys telling me different.

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