When YOU suddenly become the minority...

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    When I was in Highschool, there were so many different groups that would hang out together. There were the jocks, the Italians, the pot heads, and the blacks. It was really funny that I was the only white guy that would sit at the table with all the black guys and play Dominos. They were the coolest guys to hang out with, but lots of other people who went to my school were scared of them. People thought they were thugs because of the way they dressed and talked but it was quite the opposite.
    Many times I would to to parties with those guys and I would be the only person there who wasn't black but it was never a problem for me. I was comfortable hanging out with them and race was never an issue.
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    Pssssssssst... Steph.... You're not white.
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    i went to markham district high school.
    there were 1700 students there.
    30 of us were not white.

    i don't really feel like a visible minority here in the city becuase there are so many colours, creeds, orientations, and all round good lookin open minded people in toronto. it's only when others start treatin me differently becuase of my skin colour, or hair colour, or whatever, that i notice being a minority.

    i don't often notice that i'm the only chinese jamaican person when i'm in large groups cause, well, there aren't too many of us jamaisaians running around. i've accepted that fact. i notice more when there are other chinese jamaicans in a large group.

    the reason why we generalize is because we try so hard to give shape to what we are experiencing by relating it to other past experiences. many people haven't spent much time around <insert group here> people and therefore don't know how to act around them. it's not that they are racist, it's just that they are not familiar with dealing with <insert group here> people.

    generalizations are not without some element of truth, nor do they represent everyone grouped into that stereotype. the more time we spend with different groups of people, the closer we move towards squashing stereotypes and generalizations. until then, people take other people's words for it because they themselves have never experienced it.

    if you think it's tough being a visible minority, try being treated like an outcast by people of your own race, creed, colour, whatever.

    i'm part chinese and it really sucks when other chinese people are expecting me to speak to them in cantonese or mandarin and i speak to them in english. sometimes, they act as if they are mad at me for losing my culture and not speaking in my native tongue. it's even worse for my mother. she's pure chinese but born and raised in jamaica, so she looks the part but when she opens her mouth there is no mistaking that she's jamaican.

    i've learned that people will forget your name, forget what you said, and even forget what you look like...but they won't forget how you made them feel.

    celebrate our differences and find comfort in our similarities. - ani

    - that toronto isn't perfect but no one does it better guy [​IMG]
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    This reminds me of a favulous quote from a Seinfeld episode. It is in the episode where Kramer dates an African American, but she is scared to tell her parents.

    So one day she decides to let them be introduced, but right before going to see the parents, Kramer goes to a tanning salon and gets "over-cooked", turning himself very dark brown.

    So when the father meets Kramer, he says: "I don't see no white boy. All I see is a damn fool!". It is the delivery of the line that makes it so funny though.

    Cheers ... Ian [​IMG]
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    One time I was talking with Deep and Ambarish at System. Boy did I feel out of place.
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    Nice try goat boy, but you forgot about how nice I can be. PosTMOd made an extremely good point about an extremely dumb generalization. That's all. This thread is too funny.

    But if you think Mexicans are cuddly, you should try Mexican-Lebaneese girlz. OH..MY..GOD! [​IMG]

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