what do you do? quick survey..

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  1. emiwee

    emiwee TRIBE Member

    i work at CAMH too... research analyst for ARF... and still in school... (4 months to graduation!!)

    emma :p
  2. organik

    organik TRIBE Member

    Nutritionist/Soon to be owner of a sports supplements store & weight-loss clinic/Soon to be Iridologist.
  3. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    What? You did not. Stop trying to be all "down to earth" Mr. High Maintenance. That's right, you heard me.
  4. 2337lover

    2337lover TRIBE Member

    IP Network Architect for US Telecom company.
    I helped design part of the world's largest
    privately owned IP network, spanning over 100,000 miles worldwide.
  5. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I am in my second year at the Ontario College of Art & Design, majoring in Photography.

    I am also a page for the Toronto Public Library system. I do the nitty gritty (shelving, sorting, shelf-reading) and I also help out with the circulation of materials. Lately though, I've been the one to give patrons in the bathroom toilet paper when we run out. And I scream at kids for looking at porn on our internet stations.

    I also had a position at the Reference where I did access and retrieval for stacks requests. I was the guy who got your order when you wanted it. Paid $24/h but this session, someone had higher seniority so I got bumped. [​IMG]

    I've worked various small jobs (retail @ the DuMaurier Tennis Open, security (don't laugh) and customer service @ the Film Festival).

    I sometimes take photos for the Torontojungle.com website.

    I used to teach a drawing & sketching class for the City of Toronto.

    In the summer, I'm a drawing & painting instructor at a fine arts camp for the Arts & Heritage division of the City of Toronto.

    Probably will go into fashion and magazine work later. Or teach abroad.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    location support/security on movie and television sets. It's the most boring and most funbjob I've had at the same time. I do no work at all, sit on my ass or sleep for hours at a time, bun, drink and get paid. The money is not that great but I'm going back to school soon anyway so I don't care.

    When I'm not working at the other job, I stock shelves at night. It is the second easiest job I've ever had. I do practically nothing, eat all the free food I want and smoke an obscene amount of chron. My co workers do blow all night, so if I'm ever really bored I can always do that to pass the time. The pay's all right to.
  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Oh, and I'm going to fuck over the art world, go to a lot of fun arty parties and sit front row at Gucci one day.

    My 15 minutes are comin'! I can SMELL it!

    Or I'll just be a librarian's assistant (since I need a masters to be a librarian).
  8. -Mercury-

    -Mercury- TRIBE Member

    <---Moldmaker (Tool and Die)

    My job's alright, and pays well. I took an apprenteship(sp), out of high school, and now have my "ticket". I've done various different jobs since I started there over 6 years ago.
    Including some CAD(powershape), CAM (powermill), and a lotta other stuff that would sound like jibberish to you

  9. Skip

    Skip TRIBE Member

    I didn't. I actually studied Economics at Western, 'till I realized I hated it.

    Went and lived in Korea the day I graduated. Was there for four years. Opened up a Reggae Bar in Seoul with my buddy.

    Came back here, didn't want any regular type job shit, so I got into the film biz and taught myself video. I like it now, so it's all right.
  10. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    student of life/freethinker/retail(2 jobs) and hope to do way more this year
  11. funkywanderer

    funkywanderer TRIBE Promoter

    I work for one of the big IT companies as a programmer/consultant. I travel around the US to any cities where we have a client and work on various applications for clients who are normally in the banking or insurance industry. On the plus side it pays pretty well, and there are perks like racking up hotel/airline points, as well as having few expenses in any given month. On the down side, I never get to spend any time in my own home, I don't get to see my "non-work" friends as often as I would like to, and they work us like dogs at times. I guess that at this point I should be happy that I have a job, but sometimes it's hard to appreciate that when you're working 10-16 hours a day, and up to seven days a week (no overtime at this job either).

    I went to Dalhousie and took commerce, and then went to ITI and took their little program before the bottom fell out of the IT industry.

    Am I happy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think that I would be much happier if I was living back in Canada, and living and working in the same city.

    Shouts from the south...
  12. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    hey, i went to Dal too!
    when were you there?
    i was there 93-97

  13. Jazz

    Jazz TRIBE Member

    Self employed, WebDesign/Development and Online Marketing/Promotion.

    On the plus side, good money, flexible work hours, no boss [​IMG]

    On the negative side, boring at times, demanding clients, and difficult to clear any vacation time for myself.
  14. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    hey sunny...i've worked at the dumaurier tennis as well (or the rogers at&t thing)...i worked centre court, but couldn't do it this year due to other work commitments...what a fun week...

  15. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    I do audio production at visualfrenzy which is cornering the market on internet video commercials.. I also am the 3M of alot of other things, I don't make them but I enhance them like photoshop jobs where i have to take a couple eating breakfast out of a still shot cuz we don't ahve liscence to use them, turn a photo shot in winter into a photo shot in summer.. shit like that.

    - everyone in my office is under 30
    - loud sales guys are in a separate office
    - everyone is into electronic music and think it's novel that I DJ
    - related to above, they are more than happy to work around my radio show schedule, and adjust to the fact that I'm sometimes exhausted from it.
    - Wolfenstein frag fests with everyone in the office after work.. (fun as hell shooting your boss)
    - Athalon 1.6GHZ 500 Ram, 120 GIGS space, matrox dual head with dual 19" trinitrons.
    - Have an inside deal with the parking guy
    - Central Downtown
    - Pretty lax with tardyness
    - Don't go into work with an "I hate this shit" look in my face
    - Full benifits inlcuding life insurance
    - No restrictions on web use.

    - Boss was kindof an E-head a while back and is a bit socially inept and makes everyone nervous with the sound of his voice because of it. I like him but he doesn't know how to talk to people without inflicting stress or coming across antagonistic.
    - It's a 3 hours of driving every day
    - Havent gotten a raise in over a year.. pay is OK tho.
    - Sales guys get paid 5x more than me and just look at porn all day, which I constantly & annoyingly receive in my email many times a day.
    - Loyalty to the company is low among peers.
    - Office is dirty
    - Some employees think the place is a kennel and feel the need to bring their unhousebroken dogs in.. although they are cute [​IMG]
    - my soundbooth is not soundproof enough.

    so far.. pros outweigh the cons.

  16. caits

    caits TRIBE Member

    i just do research right now, so it is pretty boring for most people but I am slightly orgasmic when someone mention SPSS. if you want though i can send you the centre broadcast b/c it always has employment opportunities. it actually is a pretty great place to work - and even though i don't work directly with people, i see them enough to make it fun
  17. caits

    caits TRIBE Member

    really? cool. we have people on our unit on the ARF side. i am still in school too. i love still being in school. oh wait, no i don't [​IMG]
  18. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

  19. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    Went to McGill took Cultural Studies (English BA) - now I am an account co-ordinator (Sales) for Digital and Specialty TV, there was a definite correlation between what I studied and what I do now, I guess I was lucky. I like my job but am thinking of going back to school and doing my masters either in Journalism or going for my MBA, won't be for a while though, I am enjoying not living the life style of a poor student.
  20. jah

    jah TRIBE Member

    Care to say which company? I'm only curious since I also work for a major US player!

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