WEMF 2002 ???!?!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by JayBrain, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. starr

    starr TRIBE Member

    my way of curing the winter blahs.
    i can't go to cancun like cri and malglo (i am sooooooooo jealous btw!)
    so i dream of wemf

    and the patio at limelight
  2. KiFe

    KiFe TRIBE Member

    This is OM. [​IMG]

  3. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    Like we Canadians haven't hostily taken over enough Indian land as it is.
  4. KiFe

    KiFe TRIBE Member

    Look what you're opening:


  5. Brite

    Brite TRIBE Member

    I shall be @ WEMF again this yr
    WEMF 2001 was my 1st party back in 2 yrs! a bit too hardcore but lots of fun, despite certain incidents..
    wh doesn't want to rave for 3 days with no shower and nothing really to eat?
    come on, it's paradise
  6. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    first party huh?

    well let me get this out of the way then.

    that party sucked, the parties when I stared were way better. every one was cooler, the scene was better, the music was better, the venues were better, and things were even better than that before I started partying.

    no matter who you talk to, things were allways better in the olden days...so, I'm using my power as someone who's partied longer than you, to tell you that you don't know anything about partying, you're not about the music, and that you will get to say this to someone else as soon as you can find one who has been partying for less time than you have.

    it's a tradition...enjoy!! [​IMG]

    tack one der full

    ps. I' TOTALLY joking...

    "muuuust kill time"
  7. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad Well-Known Member

    joey!!!!! wemf is so much sketchy fun!! This is a time where u have excuses for being sketchy!! There are way too many fukked up crackers.......but its hilarious!! and great sketchy fun..... [​IMG]

    can't wait!

  8. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    megaphones are banned this year
  9. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle Well-Known Member

    It's all about the numba 3 kru.
    2 trucks this year!! [​IMG]
    Louder speakers too [​IMG]

  10. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Granted they are there.. but drugs are everywhere. If the only people you've talked to about Om only mention the drugs... maybe they're better off at WEMF.

    Most people who go to Om, go to be part of something special, a community. A sense of belonging to something a little more important than the every day lives we lead the other 362 days of the year.

    At least that's why I go, and why I've volunteered the past two years. And if I could stay at Om for a month or more, I wouldn't even think of leaving. [​IMG]

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    who the fuck cares?

    either you like it or you don't. No point in debating it.
  12. Cannabus

    Cannabus TRIBE Member

    word...WemF was a great experience but OM will be my 3 day next year [​IMG]

  13. ChROmE

    ChROmE TRIBE Member

    And Czech playing another Sketchy Sunday Set! Kicked off with "Everyday People" by Arrested Development.

    Megaphone Massive..........


  14. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

  15. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    I promise that this year I will make it out to the Fuck WEMF party. Cross my heart and hope to die I will make it.

    jeremy -tbk polkaroo- jive
  16. quantumdj

    quantumdj TRIBE Member

    ahem....3 day party in late april.
  17. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

  18. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    I will not go to WEMF.
    I will go to OM.
    I will definitely go to Mosport.

  19. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    That picture was NOT taken at Om. [​IMG]

    nerd. [​IMG]

  20. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    Come with us!! tons of room [​IMG] hehe we're leavin the mornin of feb 14th... so we can have Valentines dinner in cancun [​IMG]

    to stay on topic -- I will keep goin to wemf as long as i can bear it... no matter the sketchyness.. wemf is just a kind of fun that u don't get anywhere else.

    its all about the friday morning cru [​IMG] and the rev mission through the woods cru!

  21. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Awwwwwwwww you ass.. I was gonna see how long it could go before the jig was up!



  22. ADT

    ADT TRIBE Member

    OM is like WEMF without amphetemines.. and cracked out toddlers..

  23. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Me neither....just never wanted to go badly enough.

    I was scheduled to go to Mekka, and was Mega dissapointed when it got cancelled...
  24. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    i miss my backpack. [​IMG]
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Whatever 'sign-my-book'.
    If I'm back then, You're coming with me.
    jeremy-tbk sketcharoo-jive

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