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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by rentboy, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    This thread is for people to tell freaky stories that have happened to them or have been told about.

    Here's one of mine: When i was about 11...i went on a class field trip up these Irish hills...we reached the summit of one of the hills (that are conjoined to mountains) and found remains of devil worshipping rituals and freaky symbols and a strange language carved and set on fire in the grass. It was also in the middle of nowhere and the weather was dull adding to the effect of feeling scared as hell.

    When you're 11 years old this is some freaky shit...i never went back there again.
  2. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    Does anyone have anything remotely freaky to say?
  3. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    Your Mom and I got Freaky once.

  4. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    "bubble bubble toil and trouble"
  5. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    Yeah, my mum did go through a religious spell ... [​IMG]
  6. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    I took her to heaven and back [​IMG]

    Ok i'm Done.
  7. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    when i was four my grandma lost her wedding ring. apparently (according to my mom) i went into my grandma's room and emerged with her ring in my mouth during dinner.

    when i was 9, i heard the phone ringing and yelled at my mom to answer the phone. She gave me a confused look and said, *what?* I exasperatedly said, "are you gonna get that or what??" She was still confused, but then the phone rang. (i swear i remember this, and the phone was freaking ringing the entire time we were talking.)

    When I was 13, we were living in the philippines, and I saw the figure of one of my aunts tucking me in bed one night. She was my favorite aunt from Baguio (2 hours away from where we were), and I remember being pleased that she was visiting. My mom informed me the next day that she died of breast cancer. Freaky.
  8. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Chris doesn't have a mom, him and his dad share yours.
  9. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    ohhhh!!!!!!!! Gotcha! [​IMG]
  10. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    once when i was in grade 2 i think me and two friends went to the bathroom. you ever hear how if you say bloody mary like 10 times in a mirror then after the 10th time she'll appear or something behind you? well, that's what we did. just after we said it the 10th time, the power went out, and the lights went out. then we heard this weird scream. i bolted out of there as fast as i could. when we finally got outside, my ankle hurt. i took off my shoes and socks and there was this weird cut on my ankle, and it was bleeding profusely. it looked like a claw mark or something.

    it still freaks me out to this day that i'll freak out if i'm in a bathroom with a mirror and the lights go out.
  11. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    So, i'm guessing you never watched Candyman [​IMG]
  12. H2Whoa

    H2Whoa TRIBE Member

    As kids we used to hangout and fish at a pond in the forest across from my house. One day we saw a strange object surrounded by guk & weeds at the bottom. Attached to the object was one of my favorite fishing lures that I had lost a few weeks before. The water was pretty gross and we never swam in the pond but I decided to brave it. I waded in and swam to get my lure. As I pulled on the weeds the object came free in a stream of bubbles and bashed me in the face.
    It was a cows head that had been branded and mutilated! I was so freaked out I literally exploded out of pond. My friends still say today they have never seen anyone move so fast. I was so freaked out I puked. Any time I am near a small outdoor body of water I start to sweat a little. Not sure if this is spooky but it freaked me out.
  13. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    In my late teens during the weekday I remember waking up around 6:30am one morning to a phone call with a sudden start. I jumped out of bed, put on my house coat, opened the door only to be greeted by my sister and my mom who had just done the exact same thing.
    We were all wide awake in an instant knowing something was up with this phone call.
    My Mom answered.
    My Dad had been in a 5 car pile up on the 400Hwy on his morning commute to Toronto.
    (Happy ending: the seat-belt saved his life and he had no serious injuries dispite the car being a write-off and the back seat almost pushed up to the front)
    I'm still amazed...
  14. matty

    matty TRIBE Member

    My Dad thinks he used to be a rabbit. really.
  15. roo

    roo Well-Known Member

    i dont know my own birthday.
  16. noahmintz

    noahmintz Well-Known Member

    When I was in high school me and some friends went to a strip club in Hamilton ... and one of the dancers looked exactly like my buddie's mom ... so we bought him a lap dance with her and he almost puked!
    I guess that's not really spooky ... but I was just remembering that and thought I'd share


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