The Best Way to Commit Suicide

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Klubmasta Will, Jan 23, 2002.

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    (in an attempt to hijack this to higher places)

    an interesting idea i read about recently:

    try to imagine yourself dead. you can't. probably the closest that you'll be able to come is to picture yourself lying in a casket. but that doesn't mean that you're dead, does it? if you were dead, how could you be looking down on yourself in the casket? this is an idea from yogi philosophy that proves the existence of an eternal soul. well, at least if you put any value in yogi philosophy [​IMG].

    (i do)
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  3. deep

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    I'm not so sure that from yogic philosophy. First of all, brown people cremate, we don't deal with caskets. Second of all, eastern philosophy is well aware of the mind's ability to imagine, as well as manipulate visual information in our minds, such as taking on perspectives that we may have never seen in real life, i.e. looking down at our own corpse.
  4. Klubmasta Will

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    oh, come on. naomi, you were laughing your ass off over the phone as you read the first post. [​IMG]

    so what are you all saying? we can't joke about suicide because it's too touchy? (or are you just saying this thread sucks because you aren't interested in it? if so, i'm sure i have a book of simpsons quotes lying around. [​IMG])

    a friend of mine emailed me the link to that suicide website. i read a few posts and they honestly made me laugh. the board was mostly people joking around about suicide (that was pretty obvious), but there were also some possibly real suicidal notes on there, as well as TONS of "YOU SICK BASTARDS ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!" and "DON'T DO IT, WE LOVE YOU" type messages.

    there were also a few people who wrote that they were seriously considering killing themselves until they found the website, read some of the posts and realized how incredibly absurd the whole thing was ... so they changed their minds. (true, those messages *may* have been fake but they struck me as genuine.)
  5. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    I think that many people who contemplate suicide do not have as dire circumstances as they think, and have just gotten good at self pity instead of dealing with things constructively. At the same time, given the threads on antidepressants, depression, etc. on the board of late, it's still pretty gauche to trivialize what may be very real and very serious emotions for some people.
  6. Bass-Invader

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    I used to think that suicide warning signs were nothing more than a cry for attention, help even. One must make the distinction *very, very* carefully. Sometimes a person's condition can result in a firm belief that a life of suffering is not worth living. Its not necessarily a self perpetuated exagguration of self-pity based on self absorbtion so much as it is the condition which clouds one into seeing the awful side of everything. The scariest part, is when someone is bent on accompishing the task, there is very little anyone can do to stop them.
  7. Bass-Invader

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    that 4th sentence i wrote is awful.
  8. Gunark

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    I imagine this thread is not very funny to someone who's lost a close friend or family member to suicide.

    .... I'm not really sure what's going on here (hijacked account?) but this thread is pretty wrong.
  9. Pyrovitae

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    exaaactly. i don't find this thread very funny...more like insensitive and disturbing.

    "let's laugh at the suicidal!" haw haw. [​IMG] there are some who might be seriously contemplating such an act who need little more than the encouragement here to actually commit to it.


    "to love one's self is the beginning of a lifelong affair"~oscar wilde
  10. under18

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    will -> i think this thread is ridiculous and definately in a very BAD way ... people are not always as happy on the inside as they appear on the outside....
  11. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    i think that ALL people who contemplate suicide do not have as dire circumstances as they think.

    i see how you could interpret it as such. like i said, that board has more "YOU SICK BASTARD" type messages than anything else.

    i would not expect an obviously fake suicide recipe (i.e. "twist your neck so it faces the back and your hair is facing the front of you") to be genuinely offensive to anyone. i have some very close friends who have been diagnosed with clinical depression and when i was in high school, my very close friend allie took her own life, so i'm not completely ignorant to the emotions involved.

    one of the purposes of the joke suicide site (as described by them - i'll post the link when i find it again) is to make the reader laugh - to disempower the topic by making it absurd. when you can laugh at something, it makes it easier to discuss it and think about it with more perspective.

    like i mentioned earlier, there are several messages (which appear very genuine) posted by people who were actually contemplating suicide but then changed their minds as a result of reading the jokes.
  12. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Regardless of what an initial attempt is for, prior attempts at suicide are still the single best statistical indicator of someone successfully killing themselves.

    That may seem like a "well, duh" fact, but it demonstrates the seriousness of the situation, and how thinking of it just as an attempt to get attention undermines the possible implications of the act.
  13. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    those messages aren't genuine then. it doesnt just go away like that.
  14. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    nat - do you seriously think that a suicide recipe that is engineered so that you will end up hanging upside-down while holding your own head rightside-up peeping through a window will *encourage* someone to commit suicide?

    if it was *realistic* advice, that would be one thing. the purpose of the writers, though, was to be creative and clever ... albeit in a gruesome way.
  15. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    ^^^ not unlike the classic "what's the most painful way to die?" kid's game.

    didn't you ever play it? (i think death by papercut was one of the better ones.)
  16. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Perhaps. But without experiencing what they have, feeling their emotions, having their biochemical makeup, having their cognitive habits, it is not possible to pass an accurate assessment looking in from the outside. Empathy can only really go so far as you can actually emulate what the other person's emotional situation is.

    I think it's a natural human tendency to attack weakness in others that we may ourselves have. Especially when distanced by the internet and not having to be accountable for what we say in the same way we would be vis-a-vis.

    The majority of times I have seen someone talk about suicide and then be met with all kinds of "suck it up you pathetic piece of shit" resposnes I have thought of this.

    True. At the same time there is a dynamic in the suicidal where they feel as though if they laugh about their circumstances, trivializing what they felt earlier. For someone who's self esteem is already shattered, it's not particularly easy to go back and say that maybe you were being a bit overemotional about things.
  17. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    I would say that they would be the first to laugh about it, and to admit to being overemotional, even if it wasnt the case. When one's self-esteem is already broken, they will accept any trivialization of their situation, and only hate themselves even more for their perceived weakness.
  18. PosTMOd

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    Let's play a different game:

    The Best Way to Kill Klubmasta

    • Klub him like a baby seal
    • Seal his ass shut with a klub
    • Shut him into a klub with a million hungry baby seals
  19. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

    This thread is horrible.
  20. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    ok, so this thread is (or i am): gauche, horrible, wrong, insensive, disturbing, etc.

    lemme ask you guys something (since i doubt anyone will participate in the original purpose of this thread now that it has been deemed so insensitive).

    this and other message boards are, at times, filled with personal attacks, harsh insults and people ridiculing certain message board "trolls" (even though many of you argue that the trolls are likely insecure and unhappy with themselves).

    in fact, some of the people complaining have, in the past, engaged in some pretty harsh personal attacks against other people for whatever reason.

    how is THAT ok when it could SERIOUSLY contribute to someone's actual feelings of depression?

    how is that better than a *joke suicide recipe* (like the forementioned one ending up with a guy hanging upside-down with his rightside-up head peering through an office window) which could not possibly be taken seriously by anyone?

    i'm just opening this up for debate because i did not see the *joke suicide recipe* site to be any worse than, say, a *dead baby joke* site.

    no disrespect intended toward anyone.
  21. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

    It would be/is easy to take this thread seriously when all you can think about sometimes is hurtling yourself off a building or jumping in front of a subway or a big truck, etc.

    The thread may be 'funny' from an outside perspective, but when you're already having problems with suicidal thoughts / suicide attempts.. it's not funny at all.

    And no, dead baby jokes aren't funny either.
  22. Going out in sex.

    From the Ministry of going out with a smile on my face and it's painless too!


    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Will.. the point of the whole matter is not about your suicidal recipe being realistic or not. There really was no point to this thread. I know I've made some stupid threads in the past.. but never have they ever been as ignorant as to laugh about a matter that might deeply hurt someone. Don't you feel the least bit ashamed makng such a thread.. and whilst experiencing such a tragic incident with your good friend Allie?? I dunno.. maybe Im not reading it right.. correct me if i failed to see where your coming from on this.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok scratch that.. you already heard enough "what a disguisting thread" remarks as it is..

    but was this thread REALLY intended to sparke a conversation about people on this board and how they are towards others???
  25. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    it's from a book i just finished reading entitled "raja yoga" by yogi ramacharaka. the book is written with the western student in mind, hence the imagery of a "christian" funeral rite. anyway, i thought it was an interesting notion. [​IMG]

    at any rate, i suppose my hijack attempt is a complete failure! LOL

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