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  1. gRoOviegurl

    gRoOviegurl TRIBE Member

    Yes..yes...we applaud them for that..but that was approx. 60 or more years ago...when working conditions WERE REALLY ATROCIOUS!!!!

    What have unions done for anyone lately?

    Answer: nothing except bitch about job security, contracting out, and of course MORE MONEY,

    I have no job security and have to accept my raises as they come.

    IMO, unions outlived their usefulness years ago....the only pirpose they serve now is to line the union leaders pockets with member's dues and attempt to cause "problem".....

    Who cares if OPSEU is on strike????NO ONE, that's who!!!!!! 6 weeks, the ONTARIO government will have saved millions and millions of dollars in pay while hopefully depleting OPSEU's coffers!!!!!!!!
  2. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    while i disagree with the spirit of her posts, grooviegurl has a point, if the strike goes longer than a week or so, no realistic amout of raises will recover the lost wages that the strikers missed in the time they were out.

    then again, maybe there is something to be said for ensuring that the government is a desirable employer so that future generations can have a competant and motivated civil service.
  3. janiecakes

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    i'm actually in CUPE Local 79, it's the municipal workers' union as opposed to the provincial workers' union. my union is still in negotiations, but people are expecting that we'll go out on strike (or lockout) maybe within the next month.

    steph, where are you picketing? and how did your first day go?
  4. kennyboy

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    For the record, the pension plans for a few of the larger unions have a major impact on our economy.
    If all of a sudden CAW, CUPE, OPSUE decided to pull all their pension money, the Canadian economy would all but collapse. Sad, but true.
    My point being that unions, no matter what you think of them, do have some use, at least as far as our standard of living goes.

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