Songs for Friday (after a rough week).

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Smiley Jo, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Evil Dynovac

    Evil Dynovac Well-Known Member

    Baby wants to get out tonight,
    Baby wants to get out tonight,
    Baby wants a kiss,
    A closed fist mother right across the lips...

  2. aether

    aether TRIBE Member

    you've got diamonds for eyes
    it's time for you to rise
    and evaporate
    in the sun
    sometimes it can weigh
    a ton

    keep all your crows away
    hold skinny wolves at bay
    in silver piles of smiles
    may all your days be gold my child

  3. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    okay Dyno your getting a little too sexual over there...


    haha Graham..memories of last week at system?

    and i love that zoom zoom's a good wekend song for me [​IMG]
  5. graham

    graham Well-Known Member

    aye that's the stoff !


    sunddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasnt good enuff fer her!
  7. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    i didn't take no short cuts
    i spent the money that i saved up
    aw mama runnin outta luck
    well like my sister don't give a fuck
    i wanna steal your innocence
    to me my life it just don't make any sense
    your strange manners i love them so
    why don't you wear your new trench coat

    i just want to be your slave
    you ain't never had nothin i wanted but
    i want it all i just can't figure out..
  8. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    who is graham?

    that song just popped in my head out of nowhere [​IMG]
  9. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    I Kick Root Down
    I Put My Root Down
    I Kick Root Down
    I Put My Root Down
    So How We Gonna Kick It
    Gonna Kick It Root Down
    Yea How You Wanna Kick It
    Gonna Kick It Root Down
    So How We Gonna Kick It
    Gonna Kick It Root Down
    Gonna Break It On Down
    Gonna Kick It Root Down
    It's Not A Put Down
    I Put My Foot Down

    Joanna [​IMG]
  10. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    here's a little story
    i'd like ta tell
    'bout 3 bad brutha's
    ya know so well
    it started way back
    in history
    with ad rock
    and me
    mike D
  11. graham

    graham Well-Known Member

    we were singing it in the cab to system last friday, and Lori being a true Simpsons scholar, knew the entire Willyized scene word for word. teh funny!

  12. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    Daaaamn... I was going to post that... [​IMG]
  13. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    ...and then???


    Joanna [​IMG]
  14. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    i was ridin' 'cross the land
    kickin' up sand
    sheriff's posse on ma tail
    cuz i'm in demand....

    d'oh! i need the tape! [​IMG]

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