Someone needs to book Jazzy Jeff!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by MalGlo, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    .... after seeing him spin in montreal on halloween..i'm still stoked at how amazing this guy is... who in toronto *MIGHT* book this guy? who can i start buggin to get him in...

  2. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    p.s. if anyone knows where i can get any sets of his..hook a brutha up [​IMG]
  3. matty

    matty TRIBE Member

    Wasn't he the creator of a bunch of scratch DJ technics during the 80's? Probably one of the best Hip Hop DJs from back then even if he was the Fresh Prince's sidekick.
  4. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    i would like to think that MostWantedEntertainment could book him, or perhaps whoever handles Turbo these days.

    i'd certainly shell out 20-30 clams to see this guy.
  5. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    Man, I'd even pay 20-30 dollars!!!!
  6. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    He spins house at parties these days.. right?

    And back in the days, he was winning the DMC champsionships? Or at least one of the top ranked DJs... I used to have some of his stuff as a kid... man he used to kill it at the DMCs.

  7. j-Hi

    j-Hi TRIBE Member

    didn't he spin at the lush in london sometime last fall...or am i thinking of someone else?
  8. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

  9. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    YEP - with pics here:
  10. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    and kenny, i don't think he's spinnin house [​IMG]

  11. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    Well, I thought I heard sometimes he spins house...

  12. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    I've always said that someone should book Jazzy Jeff vs Rob Base. No MCs just djs.

    I tried for years to get someone to book them

    jeremy -but nobody listened- jive
  13. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    He also invented all catch phrases and slang termanology currently in use by the TBK

  14. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    i've been talking about that guy non-stop since i saw him at summer's end a year and a half ago. he is the best hip hop dj i've ever seen. he is just so damn talented. and he totally knows his tunes too; pure TUNES!!! some classic, some i've never heard of and probably never will.

    i am going to die if i don't see him play sometime soon.

    if someone finds out where he might be playing that is close to here (ie: buffalo, ottawa, montreal), we must scehedule a road trip.

  15. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    ps. once i saw him play, i lost respect for 50% of electronic music djs.

  16. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    His comic relief cameos on Fresh Prince makes him the most successful DJ EVAR!
  17. Heinz57

    Heinz57 TRIBE Member

    let's not diss Mr. Smith.... we all know we liked "Parent Just Don't Understand" and "Girls Ain't Nothing but Trouble" when they first came out... and "Summertime" is a CLASSIC
  18. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    i think we should make a tribe fan club for him.

  19. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    when i saw him in montreal he played some SICK SICK oldskool hiphop.. and his scratching skills are just.. insane..

    i'd pay 30$ JUST to See HIM!

    I agree too. as soon as I say/heard him play.. he was the ultimate skilled dj i'd ever seen..

  20. Cri

    Cri TRIBE Member

    If we could find him...

  21. koz

    koz TRIBE Member

    hold tight his album on the BBE series should be out soon :). really looking forward to it.


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